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  PMC 100Fx 100BaseFX Ethernet PMC Module 


The PMC 100Fx is a PMC Module providing a high performance ethernet controller for connection to a fibre network.  It is available in two forms,  multi-mode which has a range of up to 5 Kilometers or single mode which is capable of driving distances up to 46Km with suitable fibre.  It uses the PCnet-Fast+ and NetPHY-1 chipset from AMD and connects to the fibre via an SC connector on the PMC front panel.  ST connectors are available to special order.   This connector is angled at 34° to the module ensuring minimum bending of the attached fibre.

PMC100FX block diagram

Key Features

Link status
Full duplex


Wavelength 1330nm Typ
Output -19dBm Min (0.275NA 62.5/125 mm fibre)
4 to 5 Km length depending on cable
Single Mode
Wavelength 1300nm Typ
Output -19dBm Min (9/125mm fibre) Cat 1
-8dBm Min (9/125mm fibre) Extended range

Power Consumption (Typical)

Operating Temperature

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