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PMC Ultra160 SCSI Controller

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Key Features

Typical Applications

General Description

The PMCSCU160 is a state of the art PMC module using the LSI53C1000R PCI-to-Ultra160 SCSI Controller which supports a 64-bit or 32-bit, 66 or 33MHz PCI bus. It implements the following Ultra160 SCSI features complying with the Ultra160 SCSI industry initiative: Double Transition (DT) clocking, Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC), and Domain Validation.

Ultra160 SCSI delivers data up to two times faster than Ultra2 SCSI. Ultra160 SCSI is a subset of Ultra3 SCSI, which is an extension of the SPI-3 draft standard. When enabled, Ultra160 SCSI performs 80Mtransfers/sec resulting in approximately double the synchronous data transfer rates of Ultra2 SCSI. The LSI53C1000R performs 16-bit, Ultra160 SCSI synchronous data transfers as fast as 160Mbytes/sec. This advantage is most noticeable in heavily loaded systems, or large block size applications such as video on-demand and image processing.

Domain validation allows different peripheral devices to be mixed on the SCSI bus with each running at its optimum speed unlike earlier configurations which slow to match the slowest peripheral.

The PMCSCU160 is fitted with 128Kbytes of FLASH which can be programmed (and erased) on board. It is designed to contain boot code to allow operating system booting via the SCSI interface.

The FLASH memory is supplied pre-programmed with a BIOS from Symbios which supports controller configuration, device booting, device booting order and many other SCSI functions. The BIOS also contains the SDMS Configuration Utility.

The LSI53C1000R has integrated Universal LVDlink transceivers, and uses the Differential Sense (DIFFSENS) signal to detect the bus cabling condition supporting single-ended (SE) or low-voltage-differential (LVD) SCSI modes, depending on the type of devices connected to the bus. Active termination is selected dependent upon the type of SCSI devices detected.

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Block Diagram

SCSI Features

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Component Layout

PCI Features

  • Complies with PCI 2.2 specification.
  • Supports a 64-bit/66MHz PCI interface for 528Mbytes/s bandwidth that:
  • Can function in a 32-bit or 64-bit PMC site.
  • Operates at 33 or 66MHz.
  • Supports dual address cycle (DAC) generation for all SCRIPTS.
  • Bursts 4/8, 8/16, 16/32, 32/64, or 64/128 Qword/Dword transfers across the PCI bus.
  • Supports 32-bit or 64-bit word data bursts with variable burst lengths.
  • Pre-fetches up to 8 Dwords of SCRIPTS instructions.
  • Bursts SCRIPTS opcode fetches across the PCI bus.
  • Performs zero wait-state bus master data bursts up to 528Mbytes/sec (@ 66MHz).
  • Supports PCI Cache Line Size (CLS) register.
  • Supports PCI Write and Invalidate, Read Line, and Read Multiple commands.
  • Complies with PCI Bus Power Management Specification Rev 1.1.
  • Complies with PC99.

Software Support

BVM can supply a disc containing the LSI53C1000R Symbios driver files for Windows from LSI Logic, along with installation files. The installation files will ensure that the correct driver configuration is selected upon installation. Windows 95, 98, NT4.0 and 2000 are currently supported. Also available from LSI Logic are drivers and SCRIPT code for Linux and Solaris.


On-Board Functions

LSI53C1000R PCI SCSI Controller

Ultra160 SCSI I/O Processor,

160MB/s synchronous wide LVD,

SE synchronous up to Ultra SCSI,

up to 16 LVD SCSI devices,

944byte DMA FIFO,

up to 512byte PCI bursts,

64-bit PCI DMA Bus Master,

PCI 2.2 66MHz PCI zero wait state,

PCI bus master data bursts > 528Mb/s (@ 66 MHz),

8Kb internal RAM for SCSI SCRIPTS,

LVDlink transceivers with LSI Logic TolerANT.

Board Configuration


SCSI Termination


16Kbits - PCI Configuration


128Kbytes - BIOS

LED Indicators (3):

SCSI Activity, External TERMPWR, Internal Terminator

PMC Interface

Bus Interface:

PCI 2.2 compliant

Bus Width:


Data Transfer:

PCI 2.2 Bus Mastering



Memory Address:

BIOS assigned

PCI configuration:


SCSI Interface

Bus Interface:

synchronous or asynchronous

Bus Width:

8-bit or 16-bit


8-bit or 16-bit

Signal Level:

single-ended or low-voltage-differential


active single-ended or low-voltage-differential

Operating Environment


74.0mm x 149.0mm (single PMC size)


+5v 850mA typical, +3.3v 250mA typical


0 to 70 C, 95% humidity non-condensing (extended range to order)


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