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Case Study: Building control user interface

Building control user interface


A Household Name in the Supply of Industrial Control and Monitoring Systems.

Established in 2004 as an independent brand for a major manufacturer of networked Building Automation, this customer provides solutions based on market-leading technology, which is saving energy in more than 100 million homes and buildings worldwide.



Industrial Panel PCs with customised Microsoft XP Embedded Operating System



Heating and ventilation control system HMI



A distribution partner for the finished system approached BVM in 2008, looking for a more flexible solution to the standard system; improved software control from a more intelligent controller with a larger selection of screen sizes.



  1. The original system was rather dated and restricted in its functionality.
  2. Installation partners were unhappy with the limited range of controls it provided.
  3. The image was old fashioned and was making sales difficult.
  4. A new supply of dependable up-to-date solutions was required.
  5. The customer needed a reliable and secure customised operating system to run their front-end applications.




  • Identified the product best suited to overcoming the reliability and supply limitations of the existing product.
  • Developed a customised Microsoft Embedded Image, incorporating a special network interface and customised on-screen keyboard.
  • Provided updates to the image whenever requested and implemented an easy image update distribution mechanism.



  • Well received customer experience with higher reliability rates than previously achieved.
  • Through customising a standard family of panel PCs as the base unit, a complete range of screen sizes and CPU performance levels are readily available to our client, removing the need for additional development and cost.
  • The new unit has enabled our customer to achieve sales amounting to £6M in the 3 years since engaging BVM
  • Distributors of our customer’s products have reported improved customer satisfaction levels since adopting BVM's new control system.


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