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Mini-PCIe verses Mini-PCI: What's the difference?


Expansion cards

Expansion cards are a convenient, versatile and low cost solution for adding additional interfaces to a system.  Popularised in Laptop computers they now have a home in industrial systems providing very compact expansion. There are two common formats: Mini-PCI cards  and Mini-PCIe cards. Also known as daughterboards, add-on cards, expansion boards, internal cards, interface adapters, their main function is to fit into expansion slots on computers, to provide additional capabilities.


What is a Mini-PCI card?

As its name implies, a Mini-PCI card has a PCI interface which generally feeds into a PCI device on the module. This can provide peripherals such as:

  • Network adapters
  • Serial ports
  • GPS
  • Frame grabber


Their true function is to provide additional functionality to motherboards or laptops.


What is a Mini-PCIe card?

Mini-PCIe or Mini-PCI Express cards were more recently intoduced and replace MiniPCI in many applications. A MiniPCIe module has a single PCIe lane which provides a much simpler and more powerful interface.  PCIe modules are available in two sizes, full size and half size. Many industrial motherboards offer one or two MiniPCIe slots.

The range of cards is quite extensive including:-

  • Network adaptors
  • Frame grabbers
  • Video compression
  • 3/4G modems


Expansion board

Life span             


1999 to 2005

Mini-PCIe full size

2005 to onwards

Mini-PCIe half size

2010 onwards


Expansion Cards



What are the advantages of a Mini-PCIe card?                   

  • It can be used in custom-ordered laptops and wireless devices.           
  • A Mini-PCIe uses a modern PCI Express, to support newer technology devices, which means that this expansion board will become even more popular in years to come.
  • Plus, if a Mini-PCIe card comes with PCI Express Gen 3, it will be up to eight times faster than a Mini-PCI.
  • The Mini-PCIe is generally smaller and easier to mount.


Adapters are available to allow MiniPCI and MiniPCIe cards to be installed in a full size PCI or PCIe slot.


To find your own convenient, versatile and flexible expansion card, view our latest selection below:

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Mini-PCI Express

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Mini-PCIe half size 

Mini-PCI Express H.264 HDMI Hardware Encoder


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