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BVM's Panel PC Review

  Fanless design? LCD Size CPU Touch screen Operating System Mounting Environment

Panel PC



AFOLUX GEN3 - Afolux Gen 3 Panel PC

Yes 5.7" - 19" Atom Bay Trail iCore. Or Celeron

Projective         Capacitive         Resistive            LCD

Windows Embedded. Windows 7 Embedded. Windows 8 OS   Wall Panel Stand or VESA mounted Dry

Rugged Industrial

PPC-F17A-H81 Haswell - 17

Yes 15" 17" 19" 22" 24" Intel 4th Gen Haswell or Gen 3. Or Bay Trail Projected          Capacitive            Touch Resistive   VESA 100x100 mm and side mount  (M6 *2) Harsh and aggressive environments


WMP-249 - 24

Yes 17" 19" 22" 24" Intel 4th Generation Haswell CPU Resistive.             Projected.          Capacitive         multi-touch   VESA 75x75 / 100mm x 100mm Medical wipe down. Anti bacterial


S24A-QM87 Intel® Core™ i5 - Marine Panel PC 24

Yes 19" 24" 4th Generation Intel Corei5 Dual-core Processor Projected capacitive touch screen / EETI EXC 3000 iRIS (Remote Intelligent System). Lets operators respond to problems in different environments. Panel mounting Docks, open decks, the bridge and control rooms.

Stainless Steel

WTP-9A66 - IP66 Stainless Steel PanelPC with Intel iCore CPU

Fanless industrial Panel PC anti-corrosion design 15" 19" Ivy Bridge i3/i5/i7 or Celeron processors.Or Bay Trail Resistive and fully sealed to IP66 Windows Embedded 7 or 8 Panel Food preparation, harsh and aggressive environments where water, dust and dirt are present. 

LCD Touch Monitors

DM-F Series - Industrial LCD Touch Screen Monitor

Yes 5" 24" N/A

Resistive                Projective         Capacitive

N/A Panel Harsh environments


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