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BVM welcomes 25 Years of products

Embedded PC Products created by BVM over the last 25 years:


  • BVME363  A state of the art VMEbus SBC featuring Motorola's 68010 CPU (1989)

BVME3000 - 68360 6U VMEbus SBC with IndustryPack™ I/O - See more at: /ProductDetail.asp?fdProductId=264#sthash.m9jl9fDa.dpuf


  • BVME120  An advance 3U VMEbus floppy and SCSI disc controller (1990)

BVME227 - VMEbus IEEE488 / GPIB Controller - 3U


  • BVME410 Groundbreaking VMEbus Ethernet module ((1990)

BVME410 - Ethernet Controller - 3U


  • BVME320 3U VMEbus SBC with Motorola 68010CPU (1991)



  • BVME4000 An advanced 32 bit VMEbus SBC featuring Motorola's 68040 CPU (1993)

BVME4000 - 68040 6U VMEbus SBC with IndustryPack I/O


  • BVME3000 QUICC communications board with Industrypack mezzanines (1997)

BVME3000 - 68360 6U VMEbus SBC with IndustryPack™ I/O - See more at: /ProductDetail.asp?fdProductId=264#sthash.UjaL6NfA.dpuf


  • CPC200 A CompactPCI Single Board Computer featuring an X86 architecture and AMD CPU  (1999)

cPC200 - CompactPCI SBC with Ethernet and Graphics Accelerator


  • PMC100 Ethernet copper & fibre optic interface mezzanine board (1999)

PMC100FX - 100BaseFX Fibre Ethernet Controller


  • PMCSCU2  A PMC mezzanine module for X86 and PowerPC host carriers (2000)

PMCSCU2a - Wide Ultra 2 SCSI Controller Module


  • WSB651 Intel Pentium based slot board (2003)


  • LV-602 MiniITX SBC with Socket 370 CPU(2004)


  • PIMS3000  An integrated Passenger Information Management System for railway applications (2005)

Case Study: Custom modem for railway communications - See more at: /case-study.asp?fdCaseStudyId=4#sthash.520gbx8d.dpuf


  • MP-323 MiniPCI IEEE1394 controller module (2005)

MP-323 Mini-PCI - Mini-PCI IEEE 1394a Module


  • WLP-6820-10  Industrial PanelPC with passive cooling (2005)

WLP Industrial PanelPC


  • PMCDIO32CC  A digital IO PMC conduction cooled module (2006)

PMCDIO32CC - PMC 32 Bit Opto-isolated digital I/O Conduction Cooled


  • LV677 MiniITX SBC with Core Duo CPU (2006)


  • Afolux Family of PanelPCs introduced (2007)

N2600 Panel PC - 7


  • IEM-LX80  ETX CPU mezzanine module (2007)

IEM-LX-800 - ETX - AMD LX 800 CPU Module


Touch screen monitor


  • Sailor-12A  12" waterproof PanelPC for marine applications (2009)

Marine PanelPC


  • LV67D   MiniITX SBC with Intel N270 Atom CPU (2009)

LV-67D - Intel Atom N270 Mini-ITX SBC


  • ICE-Fire  Portable PanelPC for clinical use (2010)

ICEFire - Hand Held Tablets PC for Clinical Use


  • IMB170 MiniITX SBC with 3rd generation iCore CPU (2012)

IMB-170 Mini-ITX - Mini-ITX 3rd Gen Core i7/i5/i3 QM77 SBC


  • LV67M MiniITX SBC with 4th generation iCore CPU (2013)

LV-67M Haswell - Mini-ITX 4th Gen Core i7/i5/i3 QM87 SBC


  • IMB-150 Intel Baytrail based MiniITX SBC (2014

IMB-150 Baytrail - Mini-ITX Celeron® J1900/N2930 Motherboard

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