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  PMC 100Fx 100BaseFX Ethernet PMC Module 


The PMC 100Fx is a PMC Module providing a high performance ethernet controller for connection to a fibre network.  It is available in two forms,  multi-mode which has a range of up to 5 Kilometers or single mode which is capable of driving distances up to 46Km with suitable fibre.  It uses the PCnet-Fast+ and NetPHY-1 chipset from AMD and connects to the fibre via an SC connector on the PMC front panel.  ST connectors are available to special order.   This connector is angled at 34 to the module ensuring minimum bending of the attached fibre.

Key Features

Link status
Full duplex


Wavelength 1330nm Typ
Output -19dBm Min (0.275NA 62.5/125 mm fibre)
4 to 5 Km length depending on cable
Single Mode
Wavelength 1300nm Typ
Output -19dBm Min (9/125mm fibre) Cat 1
-8dBm Min (9/125mm fibre) Extended range

Power Consumption (Typical)

Operating Temperature

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