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Harsh Environment solutions

Technical applications involved with defense, aerospace, and transportation (to name but a few) generally means challenging conditions where industrial computing solutions are concerned. Solutions must provide reliable operation in the interests of retaining their availability for their designated function.

BVM provide ruggedised industrial-grade products capable of operating in a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C with fan-less cooling and extended life time availabilities. 

In support of resistance to humidity and dust – even the complexities that high altitudes can bring, BVM can provide conformal coating services. We additionally have experience in helping customers in implementing product life simulation around temperature, vibration and humidity stress testing to help uncover operational vulnerabilities during the design phase. 



BVM can provide industrial-grade motherboards in terms of protecting customers’ devices, providing electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for all I/O ports. In alignment with the IEC 61000-4-2 regulations (IEC Association), specific motherboard solutions available from BVM will not be affected by a random ESD event – ensuring your product remains dependable in uncontrolled circumstances. With products under-going strict ESD testing, including rigorous voltage and frequency testing, I/O ports are able to withstand a transient voltage of 8kV. 


System on Modules (SOM’s)

BVM’s portfolio of module solutions provide for the countering of environments containing elements such as moisture, salt, dust and the presence of chemicals. With conformal coating protection applied, high-performance modules can still operate in the most of challenging environments. The coating protects circuits and components from abrasion, electrical short circuits and increases MTBF performance.

Rapid change in temperature can also be a cause of system failure - with the extremities of high and low temperatures being reached. To function properly, systems and components need to be able to operate under a wide variety of those environmental conditions. BVM can offer modules based on the diversity of Intel’s 7th generation core (‘Kaby Lake’) through to the Atom E3900 series - able to sustain ‘up time’ in the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. Fanless module solutions are targeted at power-efficient systems that require higher MTBF performance. 

And System-On-Module products are the ideal solution for many space-constrained applications where the build-up of heat within the operating environment can become an issue.


System PC’s and Panel PC’s

BVM’s embedded systems and panel PC solutions are designed :-

  • with industrial-grade components
  • mindful of thermal management
  • with robust enclosures,
  • with extended power input voltage
  • with extended operating temperature support.

Before release, our solutions undergo stringent test programs during the product development phase to ensure compliance where system failure isn’t an option. Testing includes shock, vibration, drop testing, humidity, electromagnetic sensitivity, power, thermal shock, burn-in, performance testing, available up time / reliability.


System PC’s

Heavy industrial applications must be able to survive and operate in critical environments inclusive of extreme temperatures, rain, moisture, salt, fog, vibration and the effects of shock. Embedded computers used in these environments must be designed to withstand these type of conditions present.

With fanless designs in both Atom and Core Series supporting extended operating temperatures of -20°C to 70°C, BVM system PC’s systems offer high-performance computing for essential data processing within the field.


Panel PC’s

In addition, our rugged panel PC products provide for IP6X-rated enclosures, protecting the system against anything from the occasional random splashing of water, detergents and high pressure jet washing.  


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