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Displays: Industrial TFT-LCD Modules

Quite often, our PC solutions are required to drive and control a display to provide a visual output; whether that’s the need to simply read & understand data output or providing a means of interaction (HMI) for the control and interrogation of parameters.

Particularly for user interaction, we can advise and provide single point touch through to ‘pinch’, ‘zoom’ – and multipoint gesturing. And depending on where your display needs to be situated, we can accommodate for ambient lighting conditions with the application of anti-glare or anti-reflective coatings, optical bonding and upgrading of backlighting to provide for a brighter display. 

Whether you need your display choice supplying as solitary component or a ‘bolt in’ solution, with your choice of display integrated with  motherboard, deployed choice of embedded O/S, LVDS and backlight cabling – fully configured and tested, we’ll provide you with exactly you what you need. 

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