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M2M Systems with GPS, 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth

The BVM mobile range of M2M systems provides a solution in many situations where communications are required but there is no fixed line. Uses include site offices where there is a requirement to provide connected computing in advance of a fixed line installations, mobile installations delivery and haulage vehicles to recieve and report location and vehicle data or on public transport to provide location specific advertising and security.

Key features of the systems are the inclusion of 3G, GPS and WiFi within a single enclosure.

The AVL-2000 is mobile data server and can interface with other mobile systems such as the iKarPC all in one unit.



  • Hi-bright LDC display
  • 3G,GPS integrated
  • ODBC Vehicle interface
  • Vehicle battery with ignition control
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  • Fleet Management System
  • VOIP Communications
  • Location based services
  • Real-time Dyagnostics
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  • Vehicle Mount 1U 19" Rack
  • PCIE and MiniPCIe Slots
  • Vehicle PSU Ignition Control
  • Mobile iCore CPU Options
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