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VMEbus Redesign and Custom Design Service

With over 20 years experience of designing VMEbus boards BVM has a wealth of knowledge of how systems operate and what customers expect from their investment.  As technology has moved on many older systems are suffering from un-availability of replacement VMEbus modules due either to component obsolescence or vendors having disappeared.

As many VMEbus systems are used in safety critical applications or where the original design engineers have long since moved on, there is a growing vacuum for plug compatible replacement modules.  BVM is making available its design expertise to re-design these end-of-life modules in such a way that there is no or minimal change required to system software.

If you have systems with obsolete parts and would like to explore the options, contact BVM stating VMEbus re-design service. We will be delighted to discuss with you the available options.



  • VMEbus Processor Board Redesign
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