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LS-37K Skylake & Kaby Lake - 3.5" Embedded Intel® Skylake & Kaby Lake EBC

LS-37K Intel® Skylake & Kaby Lake 3.5 EBC


The LS-37K is a 3.5 inch Miniboard embedded system board based on the Skylake / Kabylake Intel® 6th / 7th Gen Core™ Series Processor and E3-1200 v5 processor family.

The LS-37K desktop 3.5 inch Miniboard platform is designed for the 6th / 7th generation Intel® Core™ Series processors and Xeon® E3-1200 v5 processor in the FCLGA1151 socket. It is the first mainstream Intel® desktop platform to support DDR4 memory (One DDR4 SO-DIMM 1866/2133 MHz up to 16GB).

The platform is based on Intel® HD530 Graphics, this Skylake/Kabylake GPU offers 24 execution units (EUs) clocked at up to 1150Mhz(depending on the CPU model). The revised video engine now decodes H.265/HEVC completely in hardware and thereby much more efficiently than before. Displays can be connected via 1 VGA, 1 LVDS, 1 DVI, 1 HDMI and one DP port up to three displays can be controlled simultaneously. LS-37K offers lots of features including high-speed data transfer interfaces such as 4 x USB3.0 and 2 x SATA3, equipped with dual Gigabit Ethernet, and comes with PS/2 port, 5 x RS232 and 1 x RS232/422/485, 4 x USB2.0, Intel® High Definition Audio, and 1 MiniPCIe socket(Supports mSATA).  


  • CPU: Skylake / Kabylake Intel® 6th / 7th Gen Core™ S-series Processor and Xeon® E3-1200 v5 Processor in the FCLGA1151 socket.

  • Memory: One DDR4 1866 / 2133 MHz SO-DIMM up to 16 GB, support Non-ECC, unbuffered memory. (Xeon® E3-1200 v5 Product support ECC memory)

  • Chipset: Intel® C236 chipset.

  • Integrated Graphics: Intel® Core™ integrated HD Graphics 530 Technology.

  • DVI interface: 20-pin connector.

  • LVDS interface: Onboard 18/24-bit single/dual channel LVDS connector with +3.3V/+5V/+12V supply

  • Display port interface: Onboard Display port connector.

  • HDMI interface: Onboard HDMI connector.

  • VGA interface: 16-pin connector.

  • LAN Interface: 1 x Intel® Gigabit PHY LAN, 1 x Intel® Gigabit LAN.

  • Serial ATA: Support 2 x SATA3.

  • Audio: Realtek ALC262 High Definition Audio.

  • Internal I/O: 2 x SATA3, 4 x RS232,  1 x RS232/422/485. 4 x USB2.0, 1 x DVI, 1 x LVDS, 1 x VGA, 1 x LPC, 1 x LCD inverter, 1 x GPIO, 1 x Audio, 1 x PS/2, 1 x SMBUS.

  • Rear I/O: 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI, 4 x USB3.0, 2 x LAN, 1 x RS232.

  • Expansion interface: One PCIE Mini card (Supports mSATA).

  • GPIO interface: Onboard programmable 8-bit Digital I/O interface.

  • Power requirements: DC input 9~32V.



Form Factor

3.5" Single Board Computer


Skylake / Kaby Lake 6th / 7th  Gen Core™ S-series and Xeon®

E3-1200 v5 Processor.

Package Type:  FCLGA1151


1 x 260-pin DDR4 1866/2133 MHz SO-DIMM up to 16GB (supports non-ECC, unbuffered memory, Xeon® E3-1200 v5 product supports ECC memory)


Intel® C236 PCH-H

Integrated Graphics

Intel® Core™ integrated HD Graphics 530 Technology  

Real Time Clock  

Chipset integrated RTC with onboard lithium battery  

Watchdog Timer

Generates a system reset with internal timer for 1min/s ~ 255min/s

Serial ATA Interface

Intel® C236 PCH-H built-in 2 x Serial ATA3 interface up to 600MB/s 

Support RAID 0, 1 and Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

VGA Interface

Onboard 16-pin CRT interface

DVI Interface

Onboard 20-pin DVI interface

 LVDS Interface

Onboard 24-bit dual channel LVDS connector with +3.3V/+5V/+12V supply

Display port Interface

 Onboard Display port connector

HDMI Interface

Onboard HDMI connector

Audio Interface

Realtek ALC262 HD Audio

LAN Interface

1 x Intel® Gigabit PHY LAN, 1 x Intel® Gigabit LAN

GPIO Interface

Onboard programmable 8-bit digital I/O interface

Expansion Interface 

One PCIE Mini card (Support mSATA)

Internal I/O Ports

2 x SATA3, 1 x RS232/422/485, 4 x RS232, 4 x USB2.0, 1 x DVI, 1 x LVDS, 1 x LPC, 1 x LCD inverter, 1 x GPIO, 1 x Audio (MIC-in & Line-out), 1 x PS/2(Keyboard & Mouse), 1 x SMBUS, 1 x VGA

Rear I/O Ports

1 x DisplayPort,   x HDMI, 4 x USB3.0, 2 x LAN, 1 x RS232

Power Requirements

 DC input 9~32V

Board Dimensions

146 mm x 101 mm (L x W)


Operating within 0 ~ 60°C

Storage within -20 ~ 80°C

Relative Humidity

10%~90%, non-condensing


Ordering Guide


Supports Skylake / Kabylake Intel® 6th / 7th Gen Core™ i7, i5, i3 S-series and Xeon® E3-1200 v5 Processor, support DVI, HDMI, VGA, LVDS, DP


Supports Skylake / Kabylake Intel® 6th / 7th Gen Core™ i7, i5, i3  S-series and Xeon® E3-1200 v5 Processor, support DVI, HDMI, VGA, LVDS, Header for 2nd VGA or 2nd LVDS (Note)


DP to VGA (for CRT)


DP to LVDS (for 2nd LVDS)

Note: There are two modules (ADP3355 & ADP3460) and you can choose one to support VGA or 2nd LVDS

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