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PMCFW2 - IEEE1394 Firewire Controller Module

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The PMCFW2 is a three port IEEE1394 Firewire PMC module using Texas TSB12LV26 IEEE1394 OHCI compliant Host controller and TSB41AB3, three port transceiver/arbiter compatible with IEEE1394a-2000, cable supplied from PCI 12V power via a solid state fuse.


  • 32-bit PCI single chip IEEE1394 OHCI controller (Texas TSB12LV26).
  • Conforming to IEEE1394-1995 and IEEE1394a-2000 for data rates up to 400Mbits/sec.
  • Single chip three port cable transceiver/arbiter PHY (Texas TSB41AB03).
  • PHY power is taken from either PCI +12V or cable power enabling a powered down PMC module to forward IEEE1394 data packets.
  • Alternate power provider (does not supply power to the cable).
  • Configuration EEPROM (1Kbit) for PCI subsystem, subsystem vendor ID and other configuration information.
  • Conforms to PMC standard IEEE P1386.1/Draft 2.3 9th October 2000.
  • Conforms to PCI Local Bus Specification Revision 2.2.


  • High performance storage interface for industrial PC's or servers.
  • Interface to high performance hard disc's.
  • Interface to Video equipment for video capture/play-back and editing.
  • Interface to document scanners.

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