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PMCSCU2a - Wide Ultra 2 SCSI Controller Module


Uses 53C895A Wide Ultra 2 SCSI LSI Logic SCSI controller with extra large 944 byte FIFO, up to 80MB/sec, supports wide and narrow SCSI, auto detection of LVD or single ended SCSI, active SCSI termination, drives up to 12m cable, Flash BIOS support.
See Accessories for rear I/O PIM modules and carriers.

Key Features

  • Performs SCSI data transfers up to 80Mbytes/sec, synchronous operation on a wide LVD SCSI bus.
  • Transfers SCSI data synchronously up to Ultra SCSI speeds in single-ended mode.
  • Allows total SCSI cable lengths up to 12m (longer cables may be possible in point-to-point solutions).
  • Supports up to 15 peripheral LVD SCSI devices on the wide bus.
  • Extra large 816byte DMA FIFO for improved bus-to-bus speed matching.
  • Accommodates extra data while data bursting is occurring.
  • Provides better support for large block size transfers at Ultra2 SCSI speeds.
  • Allows the chip to handle a full disc sector.
  • Supports up to 512byte bursts across the PCI bus.
  • 31 levels of SCSI Synchronous Offset.
  • Increases the pace of synchronous transfers to match Ultra2 SCSI transfer speed.

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