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cPC200 - CompactPCI SBC with Ethernet and Graphics Accelerator

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Key Features

IDE with Ultra 33 DMA
3 x USB ports PS2 Keyboard and mouse connectors
Dual 16550 compatible UARTS
Parallel printer port
Floppy disc controller

  • Processor from 133 to 550MHz Pentium, K6-III, Cyrix, Rise etc
  • 100MHz Super Socket 7
  • Aladdin V Chipset   
  • 512kB Pipelined burst fill cache at 100MHzUpto 512MB 100MHz SDRAM
  • AGP graphics adapter using Savage 4 from S3 with PanelLink interface
  • 10BaseT/100BaseTX using Intel 82559
  • Super I/O features included
  • CompactFlash™ option
  • PMC I/O expansion site
  • Single Slot solution
  • cPCI Rev 2.1 Hotswap compliant
  • Compatible with most popular operating systems


The processor is mounted in a super socket 7 allowing a variety of CPUs to be selection. Clock speeds can be selected from 133 to 550 MHz. Processor bus speeds of 66, 75, 83 or 100 MHz can be selected. The on-board power supply can supply voltages from 1.8 to 3.3 volts. The choice of processor includes

AMD K6, K6-2 and K6-III up to 550MHz
Mobile K6-2 300MHz
Intel Pentium MMX up to 266MHz
Mobile Pentium MMX 166MHz
Pentium (voltage reduced) 133MHx

Cache Memory

The cache memory operates at up to 100MHz and has a capacity of 512Kbytes. The cache can extend to the full 512Mb of the main memory.


The memory is implemented in two banks. The first is factory fitted and provides upto 256Mb of DRAM. Memory expansion is provided by a standard 144 pin SO-DIMM socket allowing up to another 256Mb of SDRAM memory to be installed.

CompactFlash (option)

An optional module is available whcih provides two CompactFlash™ sockets. Each can hold up to 512Mbyte modules with one permanenty fitted inside the machine and the other exchangeable through the front panel.

Graphics adapter

The graphics adapter resides on the on-board AGP bus and uses the Savage 2 chip from S3. This includes a high performance 3D accelerator. Video memory of 8 or 32 MB can be specified.
Graphics output can be taken from the front panel connector to a standard monitor or via the rear I/O PanelLink connector to an LCD panel. PanelLink allows simple connection to a wide range of LCD panels and is able to drive distances of up to 10 meters.


The ethernet port supports both 10baseT and 100baseTX via the front panel RJ45 connector. It is implemented using the Intel 82559 ensuring extensive software support. The single chip solution provides ACPI support, Wake on LAN and LANdesk service agent allowing it to boot over the network from another system.


The Aladdin V chipset provides PCI to ISA bridging, interrupt controller and PCI master/slave interface in addition to the usual peripheral devices.

IDE - Two connectors are provided on-board allowing up to four drives to be attached. Full ultra DMA is supported and all signals are tri-stateable to allow drive swap out.

USB - A total of three USB ports are provide, two on the front panel and a third via the rear I/O module, each supporting 12Mbits/sec and 1.5Mbits/sec.

PC peripherals - Standard PS-2 keyboard and mouse ports are available on the front panel together with two serial ports using 16550 compatible UARTS. There is also a parallel port supporting ECP and EPP. These ports are also available via the rear I/O connector module.

Floppy Disk - The floppy disc controller supports all drives up to 2.88MByte devices.

DiskonChip providing up to 144Mb Flash memory on the rear I/O module.

PMC site

One 32bit 33MHz bus master PMC site is provided compliant with PMC (IEEE1386.1) and CMC (IEEE1386). This allows a wide range of additional I/O to be added.

Rear I/O Module

An I/O module, designed to mount on the rear of the backplane enables easy I/O connection of many of the ports available on-board and includes a site for DiskOnChip.



CPC200 SBC with 64Mb SDRAM
CPC200 Rear I/O

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