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BVME4000 - 68040 6U VMEbus SBC with IndustryPack I/O

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The BVME4000 is a high performance VMEbus Single Board Computer with a flexible I/O expansion scheme using the popular IndustryPack I/O mezzanine modules. The basic module features a 68040 CPU with 1/2 or 2Mbytes of battery backed SRAM with an expansion bus to accommodate BVM''''s standard memory modules giving up to 512Mbytes of memory on various combinations of FLASH, EPROM, SRAM, or DRAM. The high performance SCSI and Ethernet interfaces make it an ideal choice for development environments in addition to many target applications. Various depopulated options are available to provide cost effective solutions for target applications both in the VMEbus environment or in stand-alone applications. An integrated module complete with disc drives is also available. A selection of rear I/O paddle boards ensure compatibility with various manufacturers SBCs including the MVME162/172 families.

MC68040/68LC040/69EC040 CPU
25/33MHz CPU clock
4096 byte data and instruction caches
32-bit wide burst fill dual ported memory interface with Bus Snooping
Extensive choice of memory options providing up to:
64Mbytes of SyncFlash
512Mbytes of high speed SDRAM
2048Kbyte EPROM pair (16 bit wide)
512K or 2Mbyte Non volatile (battery backed) SRAM (32 bit wide)
High performance DMA driven Ethernet 10base2 or 10baseT
Two 16 bit IndustryPack Sites
IndustryPack expansion connector
Two Interrupt driven serial I/O ports RS232, RS422, RS485
Real Time Clock with battery backup
Bi-directional parallel port
Optimised master/slave VMEbus interface
Location monitor - Mailbox Interrupts
Four level Arbiter
Single slot 6U form factor
Available as an integrated module complete with disc drives
Full OS9 software support
VMEbus rev C.1 compatible

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