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BVME370 / BVME380 - 68030/68EC030 3U VMEbus SBC - 3U

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The BVME370 and BVME380 form a family of 32 bit processors based on the 68EC030/68030 CPUs. They are general purpose processor modules with full master/slave VMEbus interface offering excellent price and performance for many applications.

The BVME380 uses the full 68030 CPU which includes a memory management unit providing hardware memory protection, whilst the BVME370 uses the 68EC030 and is particularly suitable for cost effective embedded applications. Each is available with a variety of processor clock speeds up to 40MHz, and all units can be fitted with the optional 68882 floating point co-processor.

The 4MBytes of high speed DRAM are dual ported onto the VMEbus and the slave interface also supports "mailbox" interrupts, making it particularly suitable for multi-processor applications.

The architecture is kept similar to other CPUs in the BVME3xx family, allowing straightforward upward or downward migration as application performance requirements dictate.

68EC030 or 68030 32-bit CPU with data caching
Clock Speeds up to 40MHz
Memory Management
68882 Enhanced Floating Point Co-Processor option
4Mbytes dual ported DRAM
Supports cache burst filling
512Kbytes EPROM (1Mbyte option)
Battery backed real time clock
128bytes Non Volatile writable memory - EEPROM
Dual RS232 serial ports (RS422 & RS485 options)
Interrupt driven Centronics compatible 8-bit printer port
16-bit Counter/Timer
VMEbus Interrupter
Optimised master/slave VMEbus Interface
Address pipelining support
Interrupt Handler
Location Monitor - Mailbox Interrupts
Watchdog Timer
System Controller Functions
Single Eurocard 3U form factor
Extensive support for OS-9 including multi-processor
FBUG+ monitor/debugger available
Fully compatible with VMEbus specifications rev.C.1.

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