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LE-370 - 3.5" Embedded Intel Pentium M Miniboard Computer

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Compact embedded miniboard with 3.5" drive size, 146 x 101mm. Intel Pentium M / Celeron M processor, FSB 400/533MHz. Intel 852GME chipset with built-in Intel Extreme Graphics Technology. One x DDR266/333 SDRAM up to 1GB. 24-bit LVDS interface and 64 MB video memory. Integrated AC97 audio, one 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet interface. GPIO Interface and IDE1 support for DiskOnModule with +5V power supply. Extended PCI Interface through an optional riser card for up to 2 devices. 1 x Mini-PCI slot.2 x USB 2.0. 2 x COM. Onboard CompactFlash socket supports CFC (Compact Flash Card). DC +12V Input.



3.5" Embedded Intel Pentium M Miniboard Computer

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