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PMCSCU320 - Ultra 320 SCSI Controller Module

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The PMCSCU320 uses a LSI53C1020 PCI-X -to-Ultra320 SCSI Controller which supports a 64-bit or 32-bit, 133, 66 or 33MHz PCI bus allowing SCSI transfers up to 320Mbytes/sec. It has auto-sensing LVD or SE termination and a front panel VHDCI connector. It has an on-board flash for BIOS and SDMS and on-board firmware for mirrored or striped RAID or non-RAID.

The Ultra320 SCSI features implemented in the LSI53C1020 are: double transition (DT) clocking, packetised protocol, paced transfers, quick arbitrate and select (QAS), skew compensation, intersymbol interference (ISI) compensation, cyclic redundancy check (CRC), and domain validation technology. These features comply with the ANSI T10 SCSI Parallel Interface-4 (SPI-4) specification.

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