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BVME771 - 3U VMEbus Communications Controller

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The BVME771 is an intelligent low cost serial controller for the VMEbus. It offers high performance with data rates up to 115.2Kbaud. For use in standalone applications the BVME772 has an expanded memory and a real-time clock allowing it to run an operating system on-board. The BVME772 also features 8 byte FIFO`s on each serial channel for sustained high data rates in more stringent applications.

Both the BVME771 and BVME772 are based on a 68HC001 16-bit processor, a low power CMOS member of the 68000 family. Communication with the VMEbus is via a high speed dual port SRAM buffer.

The serial ports are designed to operate with RS232, RS422 or RS485 multidrop standards. The four channels are accessible via a double stacked 34 way connector through the front panel. Pin configurations allow simple connection to D connectors via ribbon cable. Comprehensive software and firmware support is available in addition to Fbug+ debug monitor.

Four high speed serial channels
Dual 85C30 or 85230 (772) SCCs devices
RS232 and RS422/485 user selectable
Synchronous or asynchronous
68HC001 CPU with 16 Mhz clock
Dual port 64/256Kbyte SRAM
Non-volatile static RAM (772)
Up to 256Kbyte EPROM space in two 32 Pin JEDEC Sockets
Real Time clock (772)
VMEbus A24:D16 Slave
VMEbus Interrupter
Address pipelining support
Optional remote RESET and ABORT switches (772)
Low power CMOS design
Fully compatible to VMEbus specification revision C.1
Single Eurocard format with 3U or 6U front panel
Architecture and object code compatibility with other BVME77X boards
Firmware for asynch comms included with BVME771
Extensive firmware and OS-9 software options available including SLIP

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