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BVME310 - 68010 VMEbus CPU - 3U

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The BVME310 is a cost effective 3U 68000 based VMEbus CPU module finding many uses in applications not requiring the power of the more sophisticated processors whilst retaing upward compatibility with the other CPU modules from BVM. It features a 68000 CPU running at 10MHz with up to 2Mbytes SRAM, 2Mbytes EPROM and dual serial ports. Software support ranges from Fbug+ EPROM monitor to a full port of the OS-9 Real-time Operating System.

68000 CPU 10Mhz clock rate.
Up to 128/256/512Kbytes local zero-wait state EPROM.
512 K or 2 Mbytes zero-wait state SRAM.
128 byte EEPROM (option).
Battery backed Real Time Clock (option).
Reset/Abort Switch.
Indication LED’s (RUN & EXTERNAL).
Two RS232 Interrupt Driven Serial I/O Ports with independently programmable baud rates.
Optimised A24/D16 master VMEbus interface.
VMEbus Interrupt handler 7 level, Vectored and Autovectored.
System Controller Functions:-
* Single level Arbiter.
* SYSCLK generator
* Bus timeout BERR generator.
Single slot 3U form factor.
Fully compatible to VMEbus specification revision C.1.
Full OS9 Software support.

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