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AFOLUX LX - 5.7" to 12.1" AMD Geode LX-800 Range

Afolux AMD Geode LX-800 Range

The AFOLUX all-in-one panel PC series offers a full computing system with an AMD CPU, memory modules and CF/HDD preinstalled. Integrated wireless LAN and dual LAN connections allow direct and effortless connectivity to the panel. Anti-vibration protection and an IP 64 compliant front panel allow the AFOLUX all-in-one panel PC series to be used in industrial environments or areas of harsh environmental conditions. Flexible arm, wall, stand and panel mounting options are designed for easy integration into a diverse variety of display applications. The 5.7"-12.1" high brightness and high resolution LCD screen is perfect for multimedia applications. The preinstalled Thin Client technology of Windows® CE 5.0 and Windows® XP Embedded turnkey solutions create remote management advantages and save software development costs. The AFOLUX all-in-one panel PC series can be used for a wide range of applications, such as in-vehicle devices, automated home appliances, public information platforms, POS terminals and advertising channels to fully maximise business potential. All models offer Compact Flash support for Windows® CE 5.0 and Windows® XP Embedded. Additionally the 12.1" model offers the option of 2.5" HDD storage.


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