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WIN-EB-OSK - EyesBoard On Screen Keyboard

Windows On Screen Keyboard for Panel PC & Touch Screen Displays

For Windows XP & Windows 7 based Panel PC and other touchscreen systems. Ideal for Kiosks, POS systems, hospital terminals, industrial systems etc. with a touchscreen.

Looks and behaves like a physical keyboard to optimise user recognition.
Supports Windows logon screen - logon keyboard, with restricted function set to maintain system security will be launched automatically when logging on Windows.
Multi-lingual - key layouts and captions adapt to the current input locale.
A special button is provided to switch between different input locales from a list easily by a finger.
Keypads can be resized to accommodate for stylus and/or finger input.
Multiple keypads (e.g. main keys, numeric keys, function keys) that can be snapped together.
A floating icon to show / hide keypads quickly and easily.
Caps lock and num lock indicators.
Ctrl-Alt-Del and Win-L functions.
Multiple transparency mode.
Different colour schemes.
Can be docked to the bottom of the screen, so the remaining upper screen space is for other applications.

Available on BVM supplied Panel PC's and touch screen systems.

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