AI, VR, and Other Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Online Casinos

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Across the world, online casinos have been growing at a rapid rate. From being worth £47 billion ($66 billion) in 2020, a report by Fortune Business Insights predicts that the global online gambling market will balloon to £114 billion ($158 billion) by 2028. And as this growth unfolds, the industry is pouring more and more resources into tech-driven online casino innovations. So, how are these emerging tech trends shaping the future of online casino gaming?

Artificial Intelligence

Today artificial intelligence (AI) is both the most promising and most underused emerging technology in web-based gambling. AI thrives on pulling actionable insights from data. And the online casino industry has unique business data in spades. “From the whole scope of possible AI penetration in all spheres of online gaming, only about 30% has been covered so far,” details SoftSwiss and Merkeleon founder Ivan Montik in an interview with iGaming Business. “Many software providers still ignore the benefits that machine learning can bring to online casinos and are not implementing AI either for UX personalisation or for anti-fraud systems. In five years, they won’t be able to stand up to the competition.” In the race to provide the most streamlined and engaging digital casino experience, AI will take a larger role.

Virtual Reality

The increasing accessibility and decreasing market prices of virtual reality (VR) headsets like the Oculus, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR are opening up new opportunities in online gaming. Live dealer casinos are already popular. And as lighter, cheaper, faster, and more ergonomic VR headsets enter the picture, it will become easier for players to step into virtual poker, baccarat, and other casino games. In fact, the development of compact industrial computer components can be observed in BVM’s own catalogue. And if this trend continues, VR and online casino games will be increasingly integrated.

Mobile Availability

The migration to mobile platforms is one of the longest running trends not just in digital casinos, but gaming itself. And the availability of mobile options continues to be a gold standard by which players pick different online casinos. As evident by the online casino reviews on Tuxslots, high profile providers such as Energy Casino, NetBet, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, and many more have made their games readily available through mobile apps and platforms. Many of these casinos also offer deals and games exclusive to their mobile users. And in the future, factors like 5G and faster smartphones will enable mobile options to take over digital casino gaming at a quicker rate.

Alternative Payment Options

Right now, e-wallets and cashless transactions have become the norm. Apart from online banking accounts, today’s casino players have a range of new and alternative payment options with which to play and raise the stakes. Furthermore, alongside the increasing use of Bitcoin and Ethereum, dedicated gaming and casino cryptocurrencies are becoming commonplace as well. Companies like Atari and Groupe Casino are leading the way in using cryptocurrency for payments and loyalty programs. And as today’s fintech developers continue to make crypto and e-wallets more viable and convenient than digital banks, more alternative payment options are bound to be available in the future.

These aren’t the only tech-driven trends that are transforming the ways in which online casinos operate. However, the rapid development of AI, VR, mobile, and alternative payments will no doubt empower more emerging technologies to shape the future of online casino experiences.

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