New computing units for Atmos International’s Portable Tightness Monitor

atmos 1

Christmas came early for the Atmos International aviation team as they took delivery of 10 new portable computer units for the Atmos Portable Tightness Monitor (APTM) systems from BVM Limited.

The APTM is a portable statistical tightness monitoring system is used to test for leaks in airport fuel hydrant systems. Atmos’s continuous investment into research and development means the new computer units improve the APTM system by reducing test times to only 15 minutes.

The new computer units also allow 4G communications which offer more flexibility across airports and remote locations and allows the aviation team to provide better and faster support via Atmos Aviation Care, a remote cloud-based service.

Dean Golba, Head of Aviation at Atmos International says, “With the new computer units, we can now offer faster testing times and better support to our customers. BVM Limited has done an excellent job meeting our ambitious specifications, making the computer unit both more robust and sleek.”

Chris Brierley, Sales Director at BVM Limited added “ the BVM engineering & commercial teams involved with the Atmos International project are immensely proud of the solution engineered for the new Portable Tightness Monitor application. We were extremely grateful of the positive input & collusion provided throughout the entirely project and it was a sincere pleasure to work everyone within the Atmos team.

The APTM systems with new computer units will be available from January 1st, 2020.

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