Custom Motherboard Designs using Computer on Modules

Computer On Modules  or mezzanine modules have existed in different guises almost as long as board level products have been in existence – PMC modules, IndustryPacks, PC/104, ETX, ComExpress, Qseven to name but a few.

It is the reasoning behind the choice of modules that has changed over the years. The selection of PMC modules to provide say a serial interface controller, will speed up the design process because it is the only practical choice. With the advent of the advanced Computer on Module such as COM Express or Q7, the system designer can now overcome a number of issues.

For example, if he tries to design the full PC from scratch using a conventional process, a number of difficulties present themselves. First, the technology tends to be a closely guarded secret – unless you’re one of the major PC manufacturers signed up to all the latest NDA requirements and well connected with the manufacturers applications. Engineer’s data is difficult to obtain.

Following closely, is component availability. Small volumes of state of the art chips can be difficult to come by and by small – I mean a few hundred pieces.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, modern PCs need a BIOS of some description with the inherent high cost of entry to get started. This needs licensing and has its own set of skills required to get is running and then maintain.

In so many applications the real requirement for a computer is the need for a motherboard design that doesn’t quite fit the standard off the shelf units.  Due to prohibitive costs of developing and supporting a truly custom design the standard item has to be shoe horned into the design for financial reasons, unless of course the project is very large and can fund the custom design.

There is however another solution, the use of a Computer on Module ! There are a number of different formats of these modules but they do conform to a standards specification and allow selection from a number of different manufacturers.

At BVM we have developed the skills of baseboard design and can provide the customisation services of board design component procurement, manufacture and test.  By doing so, a finished carrier board can be produced to the exact shape that is required, with the compulsory interfaces and connector types needed, to fit into the product.

BVM’s skills in board design go back a long time and the processes have been honed over the last 20 years to provide a smooth process from start to finish under control of the company’s ISO9001 Quality Management System.

BT9A3 - COM Express Mini - Intel® Atom™ E3800 Series CPU Module CR908-B - COM Express Compact - Intel® Core® 3rd or 2nd Gen QM77 CPU Module BT700 - Qseven - Intel® Atom™ E3800 Series CPU Module
BT9A3 – COM Express Mini – Intel® Atom™ E3800 Series CPU    COM Express Compact – Intel® Core® 3rd or 2nd Gen QM77 CPU Module         The BT700 – Qseven – Intel Atom E3800 Series CPU Module 

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