Design and Manufacturing of Embedded Systems

Design and Manufacturing of Embedded Systems

Electronic Engineering Service for Embedded Systems Design:

Electronic Design | Software Development | Manufacturing Services


Design and Manufacturing of Embedded Systems - Custom PCB Design

Electronic Design

PCB Design – Altium CAD to produce :-

  • Circuit schematics
  • Listings of parts for comprehensive bills of materials
  • Gerber CAD data – or more modern ODB+ files if preferred)
  • Build instructions.
  • Test instructions.

PCB Assembly

  • PCB Assembly inclusive of surface mount and conventional through-hole technologies

Software Development

Windows Embedded operating systems

  • Custom ports of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 IoT

Custom Bios

Design and Manufacturing of Embedded Systems - Embedded Software Services
Design and Manufacturing of Embedded Systems - Build to Order Pelicase PC

Manufacturing Services

  • Component selection & procurement
  • Free issue parts management
  • QA Goods-in inspection (quarantining/screening and release to store practices)
  • Product serialisation for traceability (full assembly, sub assembly, component)
  • Product Labelling
  • OEM Packaging/OEM Branding
  • EOL/LTB Management
  • On Line RMA Services
  • Corrective Action Reporting
  • Inventory Control

BVM’s Electronic engineering services offer a range of solutions for the design and manufacturing of embedded systems. These services encompass various aspects of the electronic design industry, including electronic design, software development, and manufacturing.

One key area of expertise in electronic design is printed circuit board (PCB) design using the renowned Altium CAD software. This software enables engineers to create detailed and precise circuit board layouts. Additionally, electronic design services entail developing comprehensive circuit schematics, bills of materials (BOMs), CAD data, build instructions, and test instructions. The aim is to provide clients with efficient and optimized designs that meet their specific requirements. Furthermore, these services extend to include the assembly of PCBs, incorporating surface mount and conventional through-hole technologies.

Lastly, the manufacturing services cater to a multitude of needs. This includes component selection and procurement, ensuring the use of high-quality and suitable components for the project. These services also involve managing free issue parts, conducting thorough quality inspections, implementing product serialization for traceability, designing product labelling, handling original equipment manufacturer (OEM) packaging and branding, managing end-of-life product considerations, providing online Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) services, generating corrective action reports, and efficiently managing inventory control.

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When a standard embedded design won’t suffice for what you need, you can always turn to BVM for help and use our custom design and manufacturing services.