Why could a fanless Panel PC from BVM, be your solution of choice?

Panel PCs offer a range of styles, sizes and performance levels for a wide variety of applications…

  • A range of software can be configured for a Panel PC

Most Panel PC systems use the embedded versions of Windows, for instance Windows 7 and 8 OS. Windows XP have also been popular in the past. Often, Internet Explorer can be configured to fit the customer’s requirements.  Windows Embedded provides a “locked down” environment ideal for use with non technical operators.

  • Panel PCs have a fanless design

In the past nearly all Panel PCs used fans to cool the system and remove the heat from the PC components such as the CPU, memory and storage. However, the use of modern more efficient PC components the heat dissipation is kept at much lower levels. The lower heat dissipation and advanced cooling techniques allow for cooling the Panel PC without any fans for a fanless design. The heat is conducted to the surface of the Panel PC and then dissipated by natural convection, or conducted through the mounting mechanism. Without cooling fans, the system reliability improves because there are no moving parts, or maintenance tasks to replace the fan, which is a major point of failure. Fanless Panel PC’s have a reduced level of noise, which make them more useable in a wider range of environments.

  • Panel PCs are available with different Touchscreens

A Panel PCs Touchscreen is either resistive or capacitive. A variety of bezel designs are available and made from plastic, aluminium or stainless steel depending on the application.

Advantages of capacitive Panel PC Touchscreens

  • Durable, more rugged, heavy usage applications
  • Resistant to scratches and human damage
  • Suited to multi-touch capability and gesture support

Advantages of resistive Panel PC Touchscreens

  • They have a higher number of sensors per square inch
  • They do not pick up light touches of liquid  or any other inadvertent touches
  • It has historically been the norm and Windows Mobile apps are designed for these Touchscreens
  • Now more affordable due to capacitive Touchscreens becoming more prevalent

The most recent Panel PC – the Afolux 3, features a 7 inch HD 1024 x 600 projective capacitance screen to support multi-touch functionality and offers landscape and portrait screen modes.

Industrial Panel PCs and there advantages

Industrial Panel PCs can be used in rugged environments or by users who are heavy handed, such as within kiosks and retail outlets. They do have one similarity to stand alone computers – that being they use similar CPUs, hard drives, memory and operating systems. However, the main advantage is that they are built to last. Built from hardwearing materials, such as steel and aluminum the high quality capacitors and materials used to build Panel PCs, work together to ensure the Industrial PC has fewer breakages than other consumer PCs, computers and laptops. In the long term, overall costs that could occur while using a standardized computer are reduced.

The benefits of a Panel PC solution

  • Compact all-in-one designs minimising interconnecting cables.
  • Stylish designs for a variety of applications.
  • Screen sizes from 5-24 inches
  • CPU Performance selectable for any application

View our selection to see which Panel PC could be your solution of choice…

Afolux Panel PCs

Rugged Industrial Panel PCs

AFOLUX GEN3 - Afolux Gen 3 Panel PC

PPC-F24A-H81 Haswell - 24

IP66 Stainless Steel Panel PCs

Marine Panel PCs

WTP-9A66 - IP66 Stainless Steel PanelPC with Intel iCore CPU

Marine Panel PC - S24A-QM87 Intel® Core™ i5 - Marine Panel PC 24

Medical grade Panel PCs

LCD Touch Monitors

WMP-248 - 24

DM-F Series - Industrial LCD Touch Screen Monitor

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