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BVM’s Generation Core Processor Review





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Skylake Generation 6th Core

LV-67S Skylake - Mini-ITX 6th Gen Core i7/i5/i3/Xeon C236 SBC

Improved integrated graphics that support Direct X12

Generation 9

Faster 8GT/s bus connection between the CPU and MotherboardCreated using smaller 14nm manufacturing processHigher speed and capacity DRAM
Braswell Successor to Bay Trail

tKINO-BW Braswell - Mini-ITX Intel Braswell Motherboard

4k and 2k pixel, high resolution  support

Generation 8

Quad core high performanceSmaller 14nm manufacturing successor to Bay TrailHigher speed and reduced power/        consumption
Bay Trail Generation 4th Atom

IMB-153 Baytrail - Mini-ITX Celeron® J1900 Motherboard

Supporting high resolution     devices          (VGA, LVDS and   HDMI   dual   display).

Generation 7

64 bit            architecture for faster operating system         performanceBuilt on 22nm   manufacturing processAtom 64 bit   performance
Haswell Generation 4th Core

IMB-180 Mini-ITX - Mini-ITX 4th Gen Core i7/i5/i3 QM87 SBC

58%            performance improvement over previous generation.  Direct x 11.1

Iris/Iris Pro

New floating point            performance with  AUX 2Built on 22nm   manufacturing   processReduced power consumption

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