BVM’s Industrial and Commercial PC Comparison

We frequently get asked what makes an industrial PC stand out from a traditional desktop computer.

At first glance, an industrial PC could appear fairly similar to your office computer; after all, it will use a similar CPU, hard drive and memory as well as an apparently recognisable Operating System, such as Linux or Windows. However, that is where the similarities end.

An Industrial PC possess a number of qualities that make it far more suited to a large number of applications than your standard PC.

We have outlined below the key traits associated with Industrial PCs, which make them different from their commercial PC counterparts.

Industrial PCs Commercial PCs
Suited to many varied applications. Generally suited to desktop applications.
Long production life typically five to seven years. Regular design changes and short production window.                                Generally built for a more modest service life.
The structure is reinforced with hardwearing materials, such as high grade steel and aluminum. The components are also built from higher quality capacitors and components, which extend the service life. Constructed from plastic and light weight materials, which degrade over time.
Can be designed to withstand harsh environments and climates such as:

  • Water
  • Extremely hot/cold temperatures
  • Dusty areas
  • Can withstand being dropped or handled roughly
Designed for benign environments.

These qualities are important when designing kiosks, retail-based computer systems and embedded systems where they will be used daily and for long periods of time. The touch screens in units should be built to withstand the most heavy-handed of customers. Rugged computers are fast becoming a must have for people working across many industries today; the technology is not restricted to PCs either. There are tablets, as well as full laptops, available in robust and rugged formats. Any additional cost associated with a rugged device pales into comparison, against the cost and disruption of having a computer break.

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