Introducing the CAPM347 printer’s capabilities

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We supply a wide range of thermal printers that end up in medical instruments, control panels, ticket machines, trucks, diagnostic equipment and more.

However, there’s one thing we want to talk about today and that’s the CAPM347 printer mechanism. Due to its simple design, it can be integrated into kiosk type applications with little work. You can already find this element in pay-on-foot parking machines, POS printers and various kiosk applications.

As official distributor for Seiko Instruments’ printer mechanisms for the UK and Ireland, the CAPM347 offers a 24VDC high-speed rugged thermal print and cut unit optimised for use in ticketing and vending machines, receipt printing, lottery terminals, ATMs or other industrial, retail or medical applications.

What is the main features/specification?

The very high printing speed of these mechanisms reduces the need for complicated and costly presenters. The receipt is printed before the customer has the chance to pull the receipt, in effect protecting the printer and paper path, and decreasing the down-time caused by misuse.

What versions are available?

The Easy Load

The “Easy Load” version is for designs that require drop in paper loading, usually retail or medical type applications where a trained operator uses the printer. The thermal head section mounts in the paper door allowing the user to drop in a new paper roll. Closing the door onto the paper relocates the thermal-head on the mechanism body ready for printing.

The Auto Load

The “Auto Load” model has a hinged thermal-head and a sensor to detect and feed the paper into the mechanism automatically. This style of mechanism is used where the printer itself is hidden behind the fascia of the ticket machine. These are usually customer facing designs such as vending receipts, ATMs and ticketing machines. High reliability and the use of large paper rolls mean less frequent visits to reload the printer.

Both versions print speeds on the standard width rolls of 58, 60, 80 and 83mm at up to 300mm/s on papers up to 90 microns. There is also a “thick paper” model that prints at 280mm/s on papers up to 150 microns. The integral cutter has a hardened V-shaped blade specified to two million operations of either complete or partial cuts that leave a small centre point attached between receipts.

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