The Differences Between Medical and Commercial Panel PC’s

The Differences Between Medical and Commercial Panel PC's

The Advantages of Medical Panel PCs in Hospital Environments

When comparing a medical Panel PC to a traditional industrial unit, one may wonder what sets them apart. While they may share similar functionalities, their environmental requirements differ significantly, especially in a hospital setting.

In a healthcare facility, cleanliness is of utmost importance. Every item should be easily cleanable and resistant to bacteria. Medical Panel PCs are designed with antibacterial plastics, ensuring that they can be thoroughly wiped down without the risk of harbouring harmful microorganisms. The rounded corners and absence of sharp edges, although they may give these PCs a slightly outdated appearance, serve the purpose of preventing bacteria build-up.

In addition to the physical aspects, medical Panel PCs undergo rigorous approval cycles that can be lengthy, costly, and time-consuming. This meticulous process ensures that these devices meet all the necessary standards and regulations for use in healthcare settings.

Functionally, medical Panel PCs offer the same capabilities as any commercial PC but with additional isolation features. Ensuring patient safety is paramount, so these PCs are equipped with an isolation of 4KV for all I/O interfaces, including serial, USB, and Ethernet ports. Furthermore, the power supply of medical Panel PCs is of a medical grade, providing an extra layer of protection.

In summary, medical Panel PCs offer several advantages over traditional industrial units in hospital environments. Their antibacterial properties, ease of cleaning, and compliance with stringent healthcare regulations make them an ideal choice for healthcare facilities. With their robust functionalities and enhanced safety measures, these devices provide the reliability and performance required in critical medical settings.

BVM offers a range of medical Panel PCs in different screen sizes both 4:3 and 16:9 formats and with a section of CPU performance.

Medical Panel PCs | Medical Grade EN 60601 Certified

Medical Panel PCs | Medical Grade EN 60601 Certified

Medical PCs | SMART Healthcare | EN 60601 Certified

Medical PCs | SMART Healthcare | EN 60601 Certified

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