Fanless Pico – ITX Motherboard Solutions

What is a Pico-ITX Motherboard?

A Pico ITX  is a motherboard form factor that possesses a 100 X 72mm (~3.9″ x 1.8″) footprint and is already a widely adopted form factor for embedded computing solutions.

The Pico ITX form factor was originally created by VIA (Very Innovative Architecture Technologies), after its predecessors ‘Nano’ and ‘Mini’ ITX.

Where are Pico ITX motherboards typically deployed?

  • Pico ITX motherboards are ideal for hand held or portable applications where overall product footprint is key.
  • In particular, where battery operated devices are used – where consideration needs to be provided not just to product size – but overall power conservation for longevity of battery life. There are already a variety of Pico ITX solutions that utilise low powered X86 processor solutions to provide advantages around this consideration.
  • There are also Pico ITX solutions available where both footprint and high powered computing power are the main priorities.

Pico ITX solutions: the benefits they can bring

Embedded system designers  rely on the rich features that Pico ITX motherboards can provide when designing both consumer and industrial solutions where it’s imperative the designer doesn’t compromise on a products aesthetics, feel – or functionality.

Pico ITX solutions may be small but this embedded format is truly independent as it still generally negates the need for the use of additional peripheral boards – given the wide number and combination of features that can be obtained around I/O.

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LP-173 Baytrail - Pico-ITX Motherboard with Intel® Celeron® J1900/N2930/Atom™ E3845 NP93-2930 Bay Trail - Pico-ITX Embedded Intel® Bay Trail
LP-173 Bay Trail NP93-2930 Bay Trail
LP-176 Braswell - Pico-ITX Embedded Intel® Braswell EBC LP-174 Broadwell/Haswell - Pico-ITX Embedded Intel® Broadwell/Haswell U-series EBC
LP-176 Braswell LP-174 Broadwell / Haswell

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