How we continue to track, plan and organise our projects

CIM 50/Sharepoint

microsoft sharepoint

On every project we work on, organisation, tracking and planning is the key to success. Here at BVM, we take advantage of a variety of tools that enable us to not only manage our business, but also keep our colleagues and partners in the loop.

Our tracking capabilities

Using Microsoft’s SharePoint, we are able to track approvals, workflow and store our certificates and policies. This gives us the utmost control over both our documentation and projects, with the ability to offer the appropriate documents to our suppliers or customers at the drop of a hat. In tracking our workflow, every step of the process is documented and signed off by our team, ensuring design continuity across trackable changes. With a combination of SharePoint and CIM 50, we have total control over our goods and project progression. Every product is tracked by serial number and batch number, allowing us to have full traceability on the arrival and departure of goods.

What are the benefits of SharePoint?

  • Centralises all of our documentation
  • Ensures we have full visibility of all document approvals
  • Allows for full team collaboration on any documents
  • Full version control on any documents

How does CIM 50 improve our productivity?

  • Streamlined Works order process
  • Full cycle count facility allows for better stock control
  • Centralised data allows for faster and more accurate KPI (key performance Indicator) statistics to monitor performance and track trends

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