What is a Panel Printer?

DPU-D series

Panel Printers

  • Max printing speed:
  • 100mm/sec(DPU-D2)
  • 80mm/sec(DPU-D3)
  • Small and compact design
  • Panel-mount type
  • Easy paper operation
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dpu panel 1

If you make a product that needs to produce a printout,

then integrating a “Panel Printer” could be a quick and easy way to do it

What are Panel Printers? Panel printers are small, easy to mount, highly reliable and they don’t need any ink!

In simple terms, simply cut a hole in the fascia of your product and slide the panel printer in from the front. Secure it from the back with the clamp supplied, then plug-in power and data from a USB or Serial port on your product. Using Seiko’s “Easy Paper Load” system, just drop in the paper roll, close the door and tear-off the loose end against the serrated edge to be ready to print. There is a wide choice of driver software available to suit most applications.

As panel printers are loaded from the front they are particularly well suited to manned applications where trained staff use a device or instrument. They are regularly used in medical devices, diagnostic equipment, measuring instruments and building control panels. So, whether your business builds portable drug testers or exhaust analysers, if you are looking for an easy way to produce a printout, then a panel printer could be the solution for you. Check out the DPU-D2 and DPU-D3 models from Seiko Instruments and call us at BVM for more information.

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