Why Choose BVM for your next Industrial or Embedded Computing Design Project?

Why Choose BVM for your next Industrial or Embedded Computing Design Project?

Why choose BVM for your next bespoke PC Design & Manufacture Project?

BVM specialise in the design and manufacturing of industrial and embedded computers. Our team of in-house experts have many years of in-field experience and  consequently a proven track record of delivering ’designed to meet the task’ industrial PC computing solutions. Our aim is always to help you bring your product to market faster and help reduce your own internal investment in R&D time.

With over 30 years of experience of the key elements that go into an industrial PC design, we work collaboratively with our clients to deliver custom solutions that are tailored to your specific set of requirements; from efficient thermal management & low power consumption through to ruggedised mechanical design and the meeting of certification compliances.

Why Choose BVM's "Design to Order" Service?

Why Choose BVM’s “Design to Order” Service?

BVM provide “design to order” services for those customers either looking for a new bespoke IPC product to be designed from scratch – or those who want further development of an existing prototype or the enhancement of features & functionality of a current production solution.

Here’s just some of our design services :

  • Bespoke Computer Design: meeting of specific performance, power consumption, product durability and aesthetics requirements – compliant with EMI/EMC and other exacting certification standards.
  • Custom PCB Design: In-house CAD (Altium) design of circuit boards ensures that BVM follow the strict protocols that need to be observed and adhered in successfully producing a working PCB design – where we can also produce schematics, layouts and CAD data for PCB manufacture & component selection for PCB population.
  • Custom Chassis Design: in house 3D CAD (Solid Works) allows BVM to produce working mechanical designs for simulation of internal component clearances, modelling of sub-assembly and full assembly and the meeting of performance criterial such as specific product sizing, weight, shock & vibration and ingress protection against water and dust. And, of course, product aesthetics.  
  • Custom Cable Design: Quite often forgotten or regarded as a minor component in the design, BVM can design and manufacture custom cables for internal connectivity to meet specific requirements around length, use of specific connector types and shielding for compliancy around safety and environmental standards.
Why Choose BVM's "Build to Order" Service?

Why Choose BVM’s “Build to Order” Service?

BVM also offer “build to order” system integration services. We provide these services as an extension to our design services to ensure your product is suitably ‘designed for manufacture’ right from the start. We can even re-engineer existing designs that can’t be reliably or repeatably manufactured and turn them into a design that can.

Here’s an overview of just some of our build to order services :

  • Custom Portable Pelicase PCs: BVM design & build custom portable Pelicase PCs solutions designed to securely house standard electronics – and specific electronics of your choice to ensure you receive the rugged design of choice. Designed to provide high standards in ingress protection & durability for use in harsh environments, our Pelicase POC solutions have proven a good alternative to those customers who’ve considered the route of ruggedised laptops or tablets.
  • Custom Racks and Towers: BVM can build custom racks and towers for industrial and embedded computing purposes. Our custom racks can be designed & built to suit standard form factors such as 1µ, 2µ, 3µ and 4µ – and are customisable on criteria such as height (tower PC) – as well their cooling, power supply and options such as number of drive bays, Raid….etc
Why Choose BVM's Embedded Software Services?

Why Choose BVM’s Embedded Software Services?

We also provide embedded software services, supporting Windows 8.1, Windows 10 IoT and Windows 11 IoT image configuration and deployment to ensure that the system operating system is robust and only uses the components that are needed to aid functionality & provide product security. Your products operating system can be configured to be fully locked down where user access is concerned – or accessible for management services to ensure that the operating system and its components are up-to-date and secure

  • Capture and create an image of the customer’s existing Windows, Linux or Android operating system from the customer’s hard disk drive
  • Deploy the customer’s existing Windows, Linux, or Android image on the target device or system
  • Create custom Windows, Linux and Android operating system images and deploy them on the target device or system
  • Update management services to ensure that the operating system and its components are up-to-date and secure
  • Custom BIOS services to ensure that the target device’s firmware is optimized for the intended application.

With these services, BVM can help customers to reduce the time and cost to develop a new product by providing a pre-configured and tested OS image, as well as reducing the time to market by providing a ready-to-deploy image for the target device or system.

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Here’s a selection of our design, manufacturing & associated services: –

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Design to Order: OEM/ODM Embedded Product Design Services

For customers designing a brand-new product from scratch
or working with an existing prototype.


Build to Order: System Integration and Customisation Services​

Take an existing system and we can:

Build to order Racks and Towers, Peli Case PCs and Mini-ITX PCs

Embedded Software Services

Porting, Integration & Deployment


We like to make life easier ….

If you’re in need of a reliable, rugged, and secure industrial or embedded computing solution, BVM is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our custom design, build and embedded software services.

Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have and help you find the perfect solution for your application. Let BVM be your trusted partner for all your industrial and embedded computing needs

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