BVM News #03: Transforming Industries with State-of-the-Art Thermal Printing Solutions

BVM News #03: Fast, Reliable and Eco-Friendly: The Benefits of Thermal Printers

BVM: Transforming Industries with State-of-the-Art Thermal Printing Solutions

Ink-Free Innovation: Discover the Advantages of Thermal Printing

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Printed receipts and documents are still a frequent a requirement – despite the digital world we live in today.

BVM offer a comprehensive range of thermal printers and print mechanisms to cater for a variety of application needs. From ticketing and vending machines to lottery terminals and ATMs, our product portfolio includes panel printers, kiosk printers, receipt printers for retail applications, label printers, and battery-powered portable and vehicle-powered mobile printers capable of printing up to A4-width on the go.

Improvements in processing speeds and motor accuracy have led to enhancements in paper quality and reaction time. Print speeds can now reach up to 350mm per second, a significant advancement from previous specifications measured in “pages per minute.”

One of the key advantages of thermal printers is their reliability, owing to the minimal movement of parts and reliance on only one consumable: the paper. With no ink cartridges, toner or ribbons to replace, each print consistently delivers the same high-quality output – with low consumable costs.

Add a Thermal Printer

How to Add a Thermal Printer to Your Product

If you’re developing a point-of-sale system, self-service kiosk, or any other device that requires efficient printing, understanding how to integrate a thermal printer is essential.

Simplify Your Printing Needs with BVM’s Range of Thermal Printers

Maximizing Productivity with High-Speed Thermal Printers

Whether embedded in devices like ticketing machines or medical instruments, or used in self-service settings such as retail and transportation, thermal print solutions operate without ink or toner, ensuring low cost of ownership and high reliability. In particular, Kiosk and panel thermal printers enhance user experience with their fast and concise & clear print outputs – suited for ‘high-traffic’ environments.

Portable and in-vehicle thermal printers cater to the needs of “printing on the go” concerning in-field services such as logistics, providing the ability to print receipts, labels and invoices in tough & challenging environments with the deployment of compact, battery-powered devices.

Thermal Printer

BVM News #03 - Thermal Printer Mechanisms
  • Compact and efficient, the LTPD and CAPD series thermal printer mechanisms are great for small, portable printers needing low power.
  • They help save important space in device design.
  • The CAPM series is ideal for bigger, heavy-duty printing tasks with:
    • Fast 300 mm/second printing
    • Long-lasting performance
    • Ability to handle various paper types.

Panel Printers

BVM News #03 - Thermal Panel Printers
  • Compact and Easy to Install: Thermal Panel printers can be quickly set up by cutting a hole, inserting the printer, and securing it with a clamp.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Connect easily to power and data sources such as USB or Serial ports.
  • Suitable for Multiple Industries: Ideal for applications across healthcare, manufacturing, laboratories, and mobile instruments.

Kiosk Printers

BVM News #03 - Thermal Kiosk Printers
  • Quick and Reliable Printing: The Seiko Thermal Kiosk Printer Series “Edito” features models with output control and automatic paper handling.
  • Easy Setup and Advanced Features: Includes advanced firmware for easy setup, built-in fonts, and can handle paper widths from 58 mm to 83 mm.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of applications due to its adaptability in handling different paper sizes.

Thermal Printers

BVM News #03 - Portable Thermal Printers
  • BVM’s portable thermal printers are compact and lightweight, ideal for mobile printing needs including field sales, medical services, warehouse management, and ticketing.
  • Designed to support the growing shift towards mobile computing, these printers are both durable and user-friendly.
  • Reliable performance and minimal work interruptions ensure a quick return on investment.

Thermal Printer

BVM News #03 - In-vehicle Thermal Printer
  • BVM offers a selection of portable thermal printers from Tally Dascom, ideal for in-vehicle use across emergency response, utilities, and transport fleets.
  • These printers can handle up to A4 size documents, accommodating a variety of printing needs on the go.
  • Connectivity options include USB, Bluetooth and WiFi, enabling easy printing of receipts, invoices, tickets, and more from virtually anywhere.

We like to make life easier ….

Discover the convenience and efficiency of thermal printers with BVM.
From compact panel printers to rugged in-vehicle solutions, we offer a diverse range to meet your printing needs.

Whether you’re in retail, logistics, or healthcare, our thermal printers ensure reliable, high-quality printing wherever you go.
Need a custom solution? Our expert engineers are ready to create one just for you.

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