BVM Newsletter: Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Edition #001

BVM Newsletter - Design, Manufacturing and Engineering - 001


Elevating Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Projects with BVM’s Industrial-Grade Solutions

BVM’s Latest Industrial and Embedded Solutions: Powering your next Design, Manufacturing or Engineering Project

Welcome to the debut edition of the BVM Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Newsletter, dedicated to providing you with the latest updates, insights, and innovations in the design and manufacturing industry. As a leading supplier of industrial and embedded hardware tailored specifically for this sector, BVM is committed to equipping you with the tools and technologies necessary to drive success in your projects.

In this edition, we are excited to shine a spotlight on our industrial-grade motherboards, single board computers (SBCs), and embedded box PCs. These robust solutions are meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous demands of the design and manufacturing environment, empowering you to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and achieve unparalleled efficiency.

Whether you’re overseeing the development of cutting-edge machinery, optimizing production lines, or pioneering ground-breaking innovations, BVM’s range of hardware solutions serves as the cornerstone of your success. Join us as we explore the myriad ways in which our products can revolutionize your operations and propel your business forward.

Design and Manufacturing: Industrial and Embedded Hardware Solutions

Innovating Industry: Exceptional Hardware for Embedded and Industrial Applications

ASRock Industrial IMB-1239-WV 14th/13th/12th Gen Mini-ITX Motherboard

Unleash exceptional computing power with ASRock’s state-of-the-art motherboard, engineered to support Intel® 14th/13th/12th Gen Core™ Processors and optimized with an H610 chipset. This robust platform boasts high-capacity memory support, handling up to 96GB DDR5 RAM across two 262-pin SO-DIMM slots, ensuring top performance for even the heaviest workloads.

It offers an extensive array of connectivity and expansion options, including a PCIe x16 Gen5 slot, a variety of USB ports, and three diverse M.2 Key slots for comprehensive storage solutions. Dual Intel LAN ports provide zippy and reliable network connections, while triple display capabilities through HDMI and DP outputs cater to immersive visual experiences. Emphasizing security and reliability, the system includes an onboard TPM 2.0 IC, and operates efficiently within a wide temperature range, powered by a flexible 12~28V DC input, perfect for demanding environments.

IMB 1239 WV 1
IMB 1239 WV 2

DFI RPP051 13th Gen Raptor Lake 2.5″ Pico-ITX SBC

Experience the power of 13th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors packed into the compact 2.5″ Pico-ITX form, designed specifically for space-constrained applications. Accompanying the latest CPU performance is a singular DDR5 SODIMM slot, supporting up to 32GB of 4800MHz memory to handle intensive tasks with ease.

Elevate your visual experience with support for stunning 4K/2K resolution across Dual Independent Displays, utilizing DP++ and eDP interfaces for vivid imagery and productivity. Expand your capabilities with multiple expansion options, including one M.2 E key and two M.2 B key slots. Alongside robust expansion, you get a suite of Rich I/O ports featuring 1 Intel 2.5G LAN for ultra-fast connectivity, 1 COM port for industrial applications, paired with 2 USB 3.1 Gen 2 and 2 USB 2.0 ports to connect a variety of peripherals seamlessly.

RPP051 1
RPP051 3

Jetway JF35-ADN1 Series Alder Lake-N 3.5″ SBC

Introducing a powerhouse of computing—the onboard Intel® Alder Lake-N SoC Processor with a manageable TDP of just 12W. This compact technology marvel allows you to integrate up to 32GB of cutting-edge 4800MHz DDR5 memory via a single SO-DIMM slot for seamless multitasking. Network connectivity is ultra-fast and reliable with dual Intel i225V 2.5GbE interfaces.

Visual outputs are diverse and crisp, offering dual HDMI 2.0b, an eDP compatible with LVDS, and an LVDS with an inverter for a variety of display options. Storage and peripheral connectivity are ample with one SATAIII port, six COM ports, a USB3.2 (Gen.2) Type-A, eight USB 2.0 ports, and a versatile USB Type-C port with ALT mode. Expansion is also a breeze with an M.2 M-key slot supporting NVMe SSDs, as well as M.2 E-key and B-key slots providing CNVi and 4G/5G module support, respectively. Flexible power inputs between 12 and 28 V DC are accepted, and you can enhance security with optional onboard TPM2.0 support, making this the ideal choice for a wide range of demanding applications.

JF35 ADN1 Series 1
JF35 ADN1 Series 2

ASRock Industrial NUC BOX-155H Meteor Lake-H (6P+8E) Fanned Box PC

Experience cutting-edge computing with the meteoric performance of the Intel® Core™ Ultra (Meteor Lake-H) processors at the core of ASRock’s latest offering. Designed to handle intensive tasks, this system supports up to 96GB of blazing-fast 5600MHz DDR5 memory across two 262-pin SO-DIMM slots. The connectivity suite includes modern interfaces such as 1 x USB4/Thunderbolt™4, 4 x USB3.2 Gen2 ports, and versatile storage options with 2 x M.2 Key M and 1 x SATA3 connections.

Integrated 2 x Intel 2.5 Gigabit LAN and 1 x M.2 Key E for WiFi-6E Module ensure swift and reliable network connectivity. Visual excellence is guaranteed with quad display support, featuring 2 x HDMI 2.0 outputs, 1 x DP 2.1 via USB4, and 1 x DP 1.4a through USB Type-C. Secured with Intel® PTT and powered by a 19V adapter, this fanned, compact barebone (117.5 x 110.0 x 49mm) is designed for performance enthusiasts seeking powerful computing in a small footprint.

NUC BOX 155H 1
NUC BOX 155H 4

Jetway BFDADN1-N97-N Wide Temp Fanless Embedded Box PC

Experience unparalleled performance with Jetway’s cutting-edge device, designed to cater to the most demanding tasks. Equipped with a DDR5 4800MHz SODIMM slot supporting up to 32GB, this machine offers lightning-fast memory capabilities. Visuals are crisp and fluid thanks to dual HDMI 2.0b ports and a Type C with DP1.4a output, ensuring high-quality image display.

Network connectivity is more robust than ever, with dual 2.5GbE ports for high-speed internet and data transfer. For industrial applications, it boasts a versatile RS485/422/232 port, alongside three additional RS232 ports. It doesn’t skimp on USB connectivity either, featuring one USB 3.2 Gen2, six USB 2.0, and one USB 3.2 Type C port. Storage and expansion are also flexible, with one M.2 2280 M-key, one M.2 2230 E-key, and one M.2 3042 B-key slot available. The motherboard supports a wide DC input range from 12-28V and offers options for 64GB eMMC & TPM2.0, providing secure storage and additional peace of mind.


Industrial and Embedded Hardware

BVM Design and Manufacturing Services

When a standard embedded design won’t suffice for what you need,
you can always turn to BVM for help and use our custom design and manufacturing services

Design to Order

Design to Order: OEM/ODM Embedded Product Design Services

Whether we’re designing a bespoke printed circuit board or a fully housed embedded PC assembly, our ‘Design to Order’ processes encompass us producing prototypes for mechanical, electrical and thermal verification of the design.

Environmental / Extended temperature testing, EMC testing and functional testing are all part of the services that BVM provide so performance discrepancies can be identified & improved upon before your product is finally released for manufacture & marketing.

Build to Order

Build to Order: Embedded System Integration and Customisation Services

One of the reasons we provide our ‘Build to Order’ services is to allow customers to focus on their priority business needs and remove the distractions that manufacturing can bring.

We select components from reliable sources with long life time availabilities to ensure your product stays in production for its required life cycle – and remains on budget. Our procurement and production management team will provide you the advice and experience that you’ll need when it comes to entrusting the manufacture of your products.

Who are BVM and What do we Provide?

BVM are systems integrator specialising in providing embedded computing solutions – whether you need something that’s standard or customised to your own bespoke needs.

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BVM specialise in the design and manufacturing of industrial and embedded computers. Our team of in-house experts have many years of in-field experience and  consequently a proven track record of delivering ’designed to meet the task’ industrial PC computing solutions. Our aim is always to help you bring your product to market faster and help reduce your own internal investment in R&D time.

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When a standard embedded design won’t suffice for what you need, you can always turn to BVM for help and use our custom design and manufacturing services.