Optimise Your Embedded System with BVM’s Embedded Software Services

Optimise Your Industrial and Embedded System with BVM's Embedded Software Services

Porting, Integration & Deployment – Streamline your Embedded PC System Design

In the world of Industrial and Embedded systems, software plays a critical role in determining the functionality and performance of devices. BVM offer a range of embedded software services designed to help customers optimise their products, stay up to date – and stay ahead in their respective markets.

If your business involves the integration of an embedded PC (motherboard, box PC, Panel PC, SOM/COM module…etc), then you’ll know choosing the right operating system (O/S) is a primary consideration. BVM have over 30 years of experience in the field of embedded software services, with a particular focus on Microsoft Windows Embedded O/S images.

Whether you need Windows, Linux, Android or some other esoteric operating system for your end project, come and speak to the technical team here at BVM around range of embedded software services we provide.

Our team of experts can enable or disable specific Windows features to ensure their security and robustness of the operating system. We can also integrate & embed your application within the operating system and configure advanced features to meet specific operational requirements.

BVM are a Microsoft Windows Embedded partner, with decades of experience in configuration and deployment of embedded operating systems for a variety of applications and user scenarios. If you already have an existing image that needs mass deployment, we can capture the image and supply as part of a system level solution. 

Additionally, if your project requires specific BIOS changes, we work closely with many industrial motherboard and system PC OEM’S to provide fast turnaround customised BIOS services at zero cost for the majority of applications we’re asked to complete.

BVM Bespoke Embedded Operating System Services

BVM provide bespoke customisation services to create non-locked or fully locked-down configurations of Windows 10 IoT LTSC and Windows 11 IoT.  

LTSC (Long Term Service Channel) and IoT (Internet of Things) are terms related to the Embedded version of Windows 10 and Windows 11, respectively –  which is the specific licensing model for embedded systems via the Microsoft embedded channel. BVM have been an embedded partner to Microsoft since 2000.

Here are just a selection of custom features we can incorporate within your embedded image

  • Write Filter :- used to prevent unauthorised modifications to storage media. 
  • Windows Embedded Shell :- used where Windows desktop versions (i.e. Professional or Home) are replaced by the customers’ embedded application. If the embedded application erroneously exits for any reason, the system will be automatically restarted rather than returning to the Windows desktop as experienced with Windows Professional or Home versions
  • AppLocker :- prevents any viruses, malware, ransomware, cryptoware etc., including zero-day attacks from being able to run on the system.

Additionally, BVM supplied Windows 10 IoT LTSC & Windows 11 IoT images will have the firewall configured to block any illegal network access attempts.

While Windows 10 IoT LTSC and Windows 11 IoT are popular choices for embedded devices and IoT applications, there are other operating systems to consider as well. Linux and Android, for example, are two other popular options that offer a range of advantages and features.

Additional Embedded Software Services BVM Provide

  • Microsoft Windows embedded image capture from customers storage devices (HDD/SDD)
  • Linux & Android deployment from customer configured images
  • Generic & bespoke embedded Windows images: configuration & deployment
  • Management of revision updates
  • Provision of custom BIOS’s
Optimise Your Industrial and Embedded System with BVM's Embedded Software Services

Ready to take your product development to the next level ?

Then choose BVM as your embedded software services support partner to streamline your operating system needs.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help you configure and deploy an embedded operating system for your particular application, talk with BVM around the range of embedded software services that we provide. With extensive years of experience, we can provide standard or tailored software ports to meet specific requirements.

Additionally, with our design to orderbuild to orderdisplay enhancement and embedded software services, you can further streamline your product development process, reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Our team of experts are dedicated to helping you bring your innovative ideas to life –  from concept to production.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at sales@bvmltd.co.uk or call us on 01489 780144 to learn more about how we can help. We’re always ready to provide you with the guidance and support you need in making the running of your device a more robust experience.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you accelerate your time-to-market, improve quality, and reduce costs.

We like to make life easier ….

BVM supply a wide and diverse range of Industrial and Embedded Systems.
From Industrial Motherboards, SBCs and Box PCs, to Rack Mount computers and Industrial Panel PCs.

Our technical & commercial team members will always provide you with valuable but impartial advice around the products and services that BVM provide. With their collective backgrounds, they’ll provide you with the benefit of their knowledge and experiences when & where you need it. We’ll always help you in the first instance and get back to you when additional information is required.

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