BVM Peli Case PCs: Portable and Rugged Solutions for Tough Environments

BVM Peli Case PCs: Portable and Rugged Solutions for Tough Environments

Why Choose BVM’s Peli Case PC Solutions?

When it comes to industrial computing solutions, BVM’s Peli Case PC system solution offer a reliable and rugged choice for customers who require in-field portable computing systems for tough environments. Designed to withstand the challenges of  harsh and demanding environments, our Peli Case PC solutions are an excellent alternative to that of rugged laptops or tablets.

Protection and IP Rating

BVM Peli Case PCs offer better protection over that laptops and tablets as they’re not only built to withstand the rigours of tough environments, but can come with certified IP ratings, ensuring that the system is protected from water & dust ingress to the levels you require. Not only that, they can come with standard regional certifications – such as UKCA and FCC or even specific certifications (either certified by BVM via our approvals house or ‘certified ready’ to allow you to take charge of the certification process) to suit your specific industry needs.

Ideal for Instrumentation and Computing

Our Peli Case PC solutions are manufactured to not only provide the computing solution that you need to meet your application, bringing out your choice of necessary i/o and power input to the outside world, they also provide the option of  combining instrumentation of your choice in one rugged, portable package. Systems can be customised to suit specific requirements making them ideal for use in a variety of industries such as military, aerospace, transportation, marine and oil & gas to name but a few. 

Inclusion of not only competent PC solutions, but your own instrumentation to form a
bespoke solution in a single package………..

Bespoke Solution Interfacing

Our Pelicase PC solutions are not only there to compute , but can provide you with the means of interfacing with your application via TFT displays with integrated touch solutions. Whether your application needs multi-touch interactivity to emulate that of a smartphone or tablet – or on-screen or hard-wired keyboard, we can supply the system of your choice. Additionally, if you need a secondary display we can provide the means for that, too – either directly integrated within the system itself or as a separate stand-alone monitor device that’s connected via HDMI or VGA

Example Configurations

All the following designs and configurations are examples of solutions that we’ve produced in the past and will hopefully serve to provide you with an idea of what we can produce & how we can custom for your application

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