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Thermal Printers | Portable Battery Powered Printers

The range of Seiko Mobile Printers with Bluetooth options are ideal for printing anywhere. Applications range from field sales, inspection and measuring services, mobile medical facilities, warehouse inventory and equipment, issuing of tickets to name but a few.

The switch to mobile computing can offer dramatic bottom line results, by making users more efficient, shortening transaction times, expanding revenue opportunities, and more. The transition to mobility can be daunting though. Equipment has to be durable enough to perform consistently in the field. Downtime is not an option. Technology must be intuitive for operators who are not IT professionals. And with constrained budgets, solutions must provide an immediate return on investment.#






Direct Thermal

Direct thermal printers are widely used in everyday life, including medical devices, self-service technology, point-of-sale, mobile applications, and more.

Direct thermal technology produces an image by applying a heating element to specially treated thermal paper. Unlike other printing formats, it operates with few moving parts and does not consume toner or ribbons. This translates into reliable long-life performance and reduced maintenance costs.

With precision engineering Seiko Instruments continues to build on direct thermal’s advantages. We offer a complete line of reliable high performance printers with flexible, small footprint designs that help streamline the integration process. Rely on dependable Seiko Instruments printers and components to tackle even the toughest thermal printing requirements.

Demand of Mobile printing is expanding in various applications!
Mobile printing has became a critical tool in industrial, logistics and retail market.
With utilizing smartphone or tablet PC, it will be widely expanding its business field moreover.


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Seiko MP-B20

Seiko MP-B20

  • MP-B20 2" Light Weight Mobile Printer
  • Compact & Light Weight
  • Max printing speed: 80mm/sec
  • Cradle option
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Seiko MP-B30

Seiko MP-B30

  • MP-B30 3" Low Cost Mobile Printer
  • Drop rating: 1.8m
  • IP rating: IP54
  • Printing Speed: 127mm/sec max
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Seiko MP-A40

Seiko MP-A40

  • MP-A40 4" Rugged Mobile Printer
  • Drop height 2 metres
  • -20°C to 50°C operating temp.
  • 105 mm/s max. printing speed
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Seiko DPU-S Series

Seiko DPU-S Series

  • DPU-S445 Hand-Held Printer
  • Bluetooth®, USB, IrDA, COM
  • Max. print speed: 90 mm/s
  • Compact and lightweight
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