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Thermal Printers | Panel Printers

Easy to use, drop-in low voltage printers that accelerate your design time. These units provide the ideal alternative to conventional mechanism designs.

Medical device manufacturers face numerous design challenges and compliance hurdles that can complicate and prolong product design cycles. New devices must be small and portable, easy to use, robust, extremely reliable, and cost-effective. DPU-D series low voltage direct thermal printers answer these challenges with proven, cost-effective, user friendly 2" and 3" panel mount designs. Built to fit into tight spaces, DPU-D thermal printers can help you sidestep integration headaches, accelerate time-to-market, and improve the user experience.


Direct Thermal

Direct thermal printers are widely used in everyday life, including medical devices, self-service technology, point-of-sale, mobile applications, and more.

Direct thermal technology produces an image by applying a heating element to specially treated thermal paper. Unlike other printing formats, it operates with few moving parts and does not consume toner or ribbons. This translates into reliable long-life performance and reduced maintenance costs.

With precision engineering Seiko Instruments continues to build on direct thermal’s advantages. We offer a complete line of reliable high performance printers with flexible, small footprint designs that help streamline the integration process. Rely on dependable Seiko Instruments printers and components to tackle even the toughest thermal printing requirements.

Reliable Seiko thermal printers are the best matches with the KIOSK terminals printing receipt and ticket and so on!
SII’s wide-variety of product line helps any printing demands on self-service terminal / ATM / ticketing applications..


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Seiko DPU-D series

Seiko DPU-D series

  • DPU-D2 max speed 100mm/sec
  • DPU-D3 max speed 80mm/sec
  • Small and compact design
  • Easy paper operation
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