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Industrial PC Components

Industrial PCs are an "industrialised" computers which are suitable for use in harsher environments rather than office surroundings. Industrial PC components, typically they operate over greater temperature ranges, they can be designed to be drop, dust and waterproof and are optimised for 24/7 use. These qualities are essential when designing systems that will be used daily for long periods in an industrial or "harsh" environment. Many industrial computers are contained within 19" rack mounting chassis that can be installed into rack mount cabinets or wall mounted enclosures. Most industrial PCs have a wide range of I/O requirements such as multiple USB ports, serial ports, analogue and digital I/O.

Industrial PC components have a long production life, typically this is between 5 and 7 years, commercial PC components have a short production window and are subject to change or end of life without notice.

BVM supply a range of industrial embedded systems,  Single Board Computers (SBC) for use in industrial PC systems and a variety of industrial PC components. The technology is not restricted to PCs either. There are industrial panel PC's, industrial tablets, as well as full laptops, available in robust and rugged formats. Our supporting team have worked with industrial pc components for many years, providing knowledge, experiance and excellent advice around all BVM products and services. if you have any quesions you can call us directly on +(0) 1489 780 114 and talk to one of the team.


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