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Windows 10 IoT Embedded : Porting, Integration & Deployment


BVM are a Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner, implementing operating systems on embedded hardware for 30 years.

From the early RTOS days of OS-9 on the Motorola processor 68000 range through to the advent of embedded versions of Windows with Windows NT Embedded - through to Windows XP Embedded (Xpe), Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7)and Windows 8.1 Embedded.

Our latest implementations with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. 

Our abilities in being able to provide generic or tailored ports of  Windows Embedded O/S images provides  our customers with a helping hand around their embedded system design projects.

It’s relatively straightforward to get up and running with an embedded O/S, but to obtain a robust, optimised and secure operating system – a deeper understanding is required. Our processes to do this are proven - and we can also provide you with guidance on how an implementation should be configured with consideration to the implications of using flash storage, write filters, resilience to attack, and system recovery procedures.

We don't write the application software, that’s generally specialist area of our customers - but we can provide a ready-to-run O/S environment, incorporating your application into the image for mass deployment. Our software team can fully customise any embedded operating system to meet the specific requirements for your specific application.

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Here at BVM we can:

 Enable or disable specific Windows features to provide security and robustness of the operating system

 Implement management of Windows updates 

 Integrate your application into the operating system

 Configure advanced features


Windows 10

The Windows 10 IoT platform has two editions (i) Windows 10 IoT Core and (ii) Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.  Each is optimised for specific scenarios and both share the security, manageability and cloud connectivity you expect from Windows.

Windows 10 Core

Windows 10 Enterprise

Windows IoT Core

An optimized version of Windows that enables building smaller footprint, connected devices that still deliver the same security and management capabilities customers expect from Windows.

Windows IoT Enterprise

Full version of Windows 10 with advanced lockdown capabilities powering a range of industry devices across retail, manufacturing, health, government or any other industries. 

Windows 10 IoT Core, Read more on Microsoft website.

Windows 10 IoT Core Services, Read more on the Microsoft website.

Windows 10 IoT enterprise, Learn more on the Microsoft website.
  • Single UWP Application experience
  • Lower power silicon
  • 256MB RAM, 2GB storage | X86 or ARM
  • Rich user experience
  • Win32 & UWP Applications
  • 2GB RAM, 16 GB Storage | X86 or X64


Our embedded O/S integration services are intended to allow our customers to concentrate on their own immediate business needs – either by completing the O/S in its entirety or providing the guidance & advice needed for our clients to develop and configure their own images.

Whatever your needs, come and talk to us if there’s something we can help with.


We like to make life easier .... 

Our embedded OS integration service is intended to allow our customers to concentrate on their own immediate business needs, knowing that the software integration is taken care of by BVM.

You can either

Call us directly on +(0) 1489 780 144 and talk to one of the team

E-mail us at

Or use our fast chat / fast answer service on our website

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