What are the advantages of using a Fanless computer

What are Fanless Computers?

To eliminate the moving part failure in a PC, the fanless computer was introduced. The concept of fanless computers is based on the scientific principle, the conduction of heat. This means heat can be transferred to and from objects through physical contact. Based on this concept, a heat sink is placed near the components of computers that generate most of the heat, such as the CPU. And, this keeps the computer cool.

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Here is a quick summary of the advantages of fanless computers.

  • They are silent.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Durable.
  • Dust resistant.
  • Low space installation.
  • Support all types of environments.


All computers that have fan cooling technology make noise and vibrations. So, If you are using a PC that does not have a fan, you can eliminate the noise completely. Fanless computers are very important in the areas where silence is very necessary, such as a laboratories, operating rooms, recording studios or other environments where silence is critical.

A fanless pc, when connected to a High-Quality monitor / display, can replace many audio and video controlling devices.

Low Power Consumption

A fanless system draws very little power from the computer. Hence it makes the system consume much lesser energy and also increases the battery backup of the system. Suppose there is a giant company which has hundreds of computers in it. So in a result, that time company will get the benefits of low energy consumption which saves their energy expenses and indirectly saves the environment.

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There are higher chances that fan-cooled computers will experience failures due to excessive usages. With fanless computers, there is no chance of mechanical failure. Fanless computers have almost zero maintenance cost and they are more durable as compared to normal fan-based computers.

Dust Resistance

We all love a clean and healthy environment to work in. And we have also noticed that after some period of years, Fans started creating too much noise or they are unable to cool the system properly. This is because the fan becomes clogged with dust and you need to clean it by blowing the dust away.

With fanless computers, we can easily eliminate this issue. Fanless computers are resistant to dust and debris. And due to this, fanless computers are very useful in harsh environments.

Low Space Installation

A heat sink requires very less space to install because it works on the principle of conduction and it does not require air to circulate throughout the system.

Support Wide Range Of Temperature

Some fanless computers can easily be operated in between -40 to 85 degrees celsius. It means the PC can work in every environment. This is because the heat sink absorbs all the internal heat and dissipates it to the environment through aluminum housing.


There is no doubt that the trend of fanless computers is increasing day by day. This is only because it has lots of benefits as compared to a fan-based computer. They can handle extreme temperatures and are also energy efficient. Also, the fact is, Fanless computers are superior in all comparison with a fan-based computer. So, if you are planning to buy a new computer, or planning to buy, then make sure that you check out the type of cooling they are using.

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