BVM visits Computex

There is no doubt that Computex in Taipei is a little different from other trade shows. At Computex, the high tech industry collides with Asian traditions, creating an enigmatic oriental fusion of magic lanterns, chop sticks and cutting edge technology.

Putting the razzmatazz aside for a moment, this year’s event contained a number of important announcements (more on this below).  With most of the world’s major computer component manufactures there, there was an obvious jostling for position and publicity. Dancing girls, spacemen and the hard sell of the market trader were all in evidence as one strolled round the stands; all accompanied by the ever-present aroma of stir fry.

The expo continues to grow year-on-year and is now spread across two sites, encompassing everything from the USB cable manufacturer, to the particularly impressive latest liquid nitrogen cooled, over-clocked motherboard, striving to achieve the ‘impossible’ benchmark.  Add to this, the world’s most powerful amplifier system and you get a flavour of Computex’s vibe.

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