Printers are dead, long live the printer

It’s somewhat ironic that despite the ever-increasing connectivity and computing power of today’s phones, tablets, laptops, dedicated mobile data capture devices and portable terminals, the requirement for hard copy printed paper for receipts, quotations, job sheets, reports and certificates often causes the biggest problem for remote workers. However, there is now a huge choice of mobile printers; BVM Limited offer portable thermal printers  with paper sizes from two inch wide rolls up to A4 sheets, which, supported by software drivers and apps for virtually all computing devices and operating systems, enable high quality output to be produced irrespective of location or power availability. Portable printers are typically powered by rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, although in-vehicle printing from a fixed unit is also becoming an increasingly popular option for oil delivery drivers and others who need to leave professional looking printed documents with customers. Another increasingly important use for mobile hard copy information is in the Fire and Rescue Service, where plans of commercial buildings and large sites can be printed out while the vehicle is en route to the location of the fire. See the full range of printers here.

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