What makes a medical Panel PC?

We’ve been seeing considerable activity recently in the medical panel PC market with the latest model from Wincomm. To the layman medical units appear the same as normal commercial ones but there are a number of subtle differences. From anti-bacterial plastic housing to the removal of slots and recesses make this an interesting choice. The I/O for example, both Lan and digital I/O have 4KV isolation; it wouldn’t do to electrocute the patient. Equally treatment must continue even if the mains power fails. That’s where the internal battery option come into play.

The WMP-17F is a 17″ panel PC with a choice of I-Core CPUs and is specifically designed for the demands of the medical environment and it is fully certified to EN60601-1 / ISO 14971 / IEC62133.

There’s more to buying computer products than simple specmanship. It’s worth some discussion before rushing to buy the cheapest. The basic specification is only part of the story. Our team are always on hand to advise.See more here.

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