APLEX AEx Series: Safety critical solutions for Hazardous Environments

AEx Series Panel PCs

APLEX Technology Inc., a global industrial computer products solutions provider, is pleasant to introduce our AEx

APLEX Technology Inc introduce their AEx solution series. The AEx Series is provided via the formats of :-

  • Panel PC (AEx-8XXP/9XXAP)
  • TFT Display Monitor (AEx-1XXP)
  • Box/System  PC (AEx-2410/2411) with SUS316 stainless steel chassis.

The panel PC and TFT display monitor solutions support projective capacitive touch screen interactivity and are available in various TFT LCD size selections in 15”, 15.6”, 19”  and 21.5” across the diagonal screen sizes.

Reliable design certified for hazardous environments

AEx series is designed for applying in hazardous environments, especially for industry that requires high safety The AEx Series is designed for meeting applications deployed in hazardous environments – especially for those industries that require high safety certifications such as the oil and gas industry. At a petroleum refinery or a natural gas processing plant, opportunities for fire or even explosion may exist due to flammable liquids, gases or combustible vapours being present.  To provide safety in situ, APLEX has ensured safe, operable solutions via the AExSeries passing Class 1 Division 2, ATEX Zone 2, and IECEx certification.

AEx Series zone 2

Features that support the challenges created in and around dangerous environments

In dangerous and challenging industries, PC equipment plays an important role in maintaining working safety. The AEx Series is able to collect remote data, provide for system control and process monitoring for 24/7 operations. This is crucial for real-time process monitoring & control were the prevention of explosion and potential environmental contamination is concerned. Additionally, the AEx Series panel PC is certified to IP66 to provide water & dust-proof sealing with M12 waterproof connectors and wide range DC 9~36V power input. A rugged enclosure ensures a wide range operating temperature from -20°C to +50°C – and both the Panel PC and TFT Display Monitor solutions are sunlight readable to ensure screen information is clearly visible in peak daylight hours.

The AEx Series also supports a rich selection of I/Os, long product lifetime availabilities (5-7 years) and ease of maintenance with the ability to replace display and system PC separately. The AEx series is ruggedised to withstand any operational industrial environment, non-hazardous & hazardous, where vibration and corrosive atmospheres and materials are present. The AEx Series particularly lends itself to any type of industry where safety is paramount, especially oil, gas, mining and flour mill production sites. 

AEx Series industries
AEx Series 3

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