DFI TGU Series: Embedded Solutions to Accelerate AI Vision and Deep Learning

TGU Series - Data analysis DFI

DFI’s New TGU Embedded Computer Series

Accelerate AI Vision and Deep Learning with Intel’s all new Iris Xe Architecture

DFI’s newly announced TGU series features the 11th Gen Intel® Core™ SoC processor, a high-performance, low-power SoC with integrated GPU and CPU in the all-new Intel® Iris® Xe architecture, which enhances the performance of artificial intelligence in edge computing. While accelerating the processing of multiple workloads, the TGU series can also synchronize edge devices over broad-bandwidth 2.5G Ethernet and wireless networks, such as 5G and Wifi 6, for a real and seamless machine collaboration in automation.

The new-gen TGU series includes a range of industrial embedded computing solutions, providing specifications from Single Board Computer (SBC), Mini-ITX, COM Express Compact, COM Express Mini to fanless industrial computers, fulfilling various edge AI vision applications like industrial control, surveillance, traffic analysis, and etc.

The GPU integrated in the all-new Xe architecture provides disruptive GPU graphics performance for the TGU series. Together with the functions of Deep Learning Boost (DL Boost), which was previously only supported on Xeon processors, and the Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI) running on the CPU, it accelerates deep learning and deliver more accurate inferences faster.

In addition, the TGU series is the first platform to offer data transfer with PCIe 4.0 and the future-leading USB Type C with three types of functions integrated. The fourth-generation PCIe offers transfer speeds at up to 16 GT/s and optimizes various expansion and I/O interfaces for a more efficient and real-time data transfer between devices. Moreover, the USB Type C port can offer three types of functions, including display like 4K DisplayPort, data transfer like LAN and NVMe SSD, and the power supply required by the USB hub and external NVMe SSD, making the configuration of devices more flexible.

DFI’s new TGU series offers a full range of performance optimizations on internal data transfer, external networking, AI capabilities, IoT device management, and device integration and collaboration. It brings unprecedented and speedy intelligence experience to AI visual analytics applications, factory automation, healthcare, and retail industries.

TGU Series - CPU / GPU

Powered by HPC and low-power Intel 11th Generation Core SoC

The DFI TGU Series – accelerated by Intel’s new Xe GPU

DFI’s new-gen TGU Series embedded computing solutions are powered by 11th generation Intel Core SoC processors designed for Edge AI vision computing. Within the all-new Intel Iris Xe architecture, the high-performance, low-power SoC integrates with the GPU and CPU and is combined with AI acceleration to make considerable progress in Edge AI computing performance and the handling of complex computing applications such as computer aided vision to make them faster and more accurate.

All-new GPUs in Xe architecture

The Intel Iris Xe graphics integrated within the 11th Gen Intel Core SoC have 96 compute units and 16MB of L3 cache, deliver non-disruptive GPU graphical performance. Paired with DDR4 memory on the TGU series motherboards with an increased bandwidth of up to 3200MHz run speed and capacities of up to 64GB, results in faster processing of images and video streaming – and through minimal jitter – drives real-time, efficient processing of multiple IoT tasks and workloads.

4 X 4K HDR with high contrast resolution

The TGU Series offers up to four channels of 4K high dynamic range (HDR) independent display output providing more detail around light and dark, bringing imagery closer to that of reality and provision of ultra-smooth video streaming.  For healthcare applications such as x-ray and tomograms, the high contrast resolution allows every detail to be clearly displayed, delivering a more accurate diagnostic assistance to healthcare professionals.

TGU Series - Desktop

More Accurate AI Inference

The new TGU series has received a significant upgrade on its AI architecture. Besides the new support for Deep Learning Boost (DL Boost) and Vector Neural Network Instruction Set (VNNI), which were previously only available on Intel’s Xeon processors, the TGU Series also support graphics cards or Intel’s Movidius VPU AI accelerator card expansion for additional deep learning and inferencing capabilities.

Broadband, low-latency network transfer

The independent 2.5G LAN provides a faster transmission experience than typical 1G LAN interfacing and can be combined with the out-of-band (OOB) management system ‘vPro’ and ‘AMT’ to optimise and ensure real-time, seamless collaboration of Edge devices. The TGU Series also supports broadband 5G, WiFi 6 and other wireless transmission types  – providing more flexibility to device deployment beyond the limit of cabled networks.

Optimised Transfer and Interfaces

The new TGU series features the highest speed availabilities that PCIe 4.0 offers in signal transfer at present – offering a transmission speed up to 16 GT/s. It benefits via the M.2 interface to enjoy the ultra-speedy transfer experience by connecting to either NVMe SSD or DFI’s proprietary M.2 expansion modules for USB 3.2 Gen1, SATA, COM, LAN and PSE.

The TGU series offers a wide range of expansion interfaces, inclusive of PCIe x4, PCIe x1, M.2 M, B and E keys, SIM and SATA – all going towards the supporting of a variety of storage and network interfaces to provide more possibilities for Edge computing innovation.

3-in-1 design transfer

All types of connectors in the near future will soon be united into a single interface – USB Type C. DFI’s TGU series motherboards offer the future-leading USB Type C interface, integrating three functions inclusive of display, data transfer and power supply via a USB hub simultaneously – such as DisplayPort for 4K 60Hz display, LAN port for networking or NVMe SSD for data transfer & storage – and simultaneously powering the USB hub or SSD. This 3-in-1 transfer design makes it easier to integrate the system with the interfaces of the latest devices to connect to the future.

TGU Series - USB C

Enhanced IoT Network Security

The TGU Series protects devices from cold boot attacks with the new Total Memory Encryption (TME) feature and ensures that devices are fully protected against possible external attacks during PC boot, data storage or data processing 

TGU desktop 09 211001
TGU Series - AI


  • Powered by 11th Gen Intel® Core™ SoC and the high-performance Xe architecture GPU
  • Optimized AI technology and expandable AI accelerator card for more accurate inference results
  • PCIe 4.0 & future-leading USB Type C support
  • Up to 4 x 4K displays support
  • 2.5G LAN and 5G, Wifi 6 and other wireless networks support


  • Factory automation
    • Robotic arm
    • AGV/AMR
    • Computer vision
    • Management and synchronization of smart, multiaxis, or autonomous robots
  • Healthcare
    • Medical imaging
    • AI diagnosis assistance
  • Retail
    • Interactive digital signage
    • ATM with facial, voice and fingerprint recognition
TGU Series - Applications

TGU Series

DFI TGU171 / 173 Mini-ITX

TGU171/TGU173 Mini-ITX SBC

  • 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors
  • DDR4 3200MHz SODIMM up to 64GB
  • Quad independent displays: 1 LVDS, 1 eDP, 1 DP++/HDMI (Auto-detecting), 1 USB Type C
  • Supports up to 4K/2K resolution
  • Multiple expansion: 1 PCIe x4, 1 M.2 M Key, 1 M.2 B key (SATA/PCIe), 1 M.2 E key (PCIe/USB), 1 Nano-SIM Socket
  • Storage: 2 SATA 3.0
  • Rich I/O: 1 Intel 2.5GLAN, 2 Intel GbE, 4 COM, 4 USB 3.1 Gen2, 1 USB Type-C, 4 USB 2.0

EC70A-TGU Fanless Embedded System

  • 11th Gen Intel Core i7/i5/i3 Processors
  • On board memory 8GB and 1 SO-DIMM DDR4
  • Triple Displays: 2 HDMI (4K@30Hz) + 1 VGA (2K@60Hz)
  • Support M.2 B key 3042/3052 5G-NR module
  • Up to 4 LAN or 6 USB
  • 15-Year CPU Life Cycle Support Until Q3′ 35 (Based on Intel IOTG Roadmap)

COM Express Compact

  • 11th Generation Intel® Processor COM Express® Compact
  • DDR4 3200MHz SODIMM up to 64GB
  • DP++ supports 4K x 2K resolution
  • Multiple expansion: 8 PCIe x1, 1 I2C, 1 SMBus
  • Rich I/O: 1 Intel 2.5GbE, 4 USB 3.1, 8 USB 2.0

COM Express Mini

  • 11th Generation Intel® Processor COM Express® Mini
  • Single Channel LPDDR4X 4266MHz
  • 1 eDP, 1 DDI (HDMI/DVI/DP++) , Dual Display:DDI + eDP
  • DP++ supports 4K x 2K resolution
  • Multiple expansion: 1 PCIe x4, 2 I2C, 1 SMBus
  • Rich I/O: 1 Intel GbE, 2 USB 3.2, 8 USB 2.0

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